11 Most Creative Blue Gift Basket Ideas

Whether you want to surprise a young boy or to give something special to an adult whose favourite colour is blue, you can’t go wrong with a blue gift basket.

And if you want to create a customized gift basket, these 11 blue gift basket ideas will inspire you to add some blue-coloured items to your shopping list.

Idea #1: A blue basket or box

To create custom gift baskets Toronto, you first need a basket. Of course, instead of a basket, you could use a cardboard box, a large tin box, a bucket, a tote bag, or any type of container you know the recipient will like.

If possible, try to find a blue container or a container you will be able to paint in blue. Place some blue crinkle paper or tissue paper at the bottom of your container, then arrange your blue items inside it: put the tallest items in the back so they will not hide the smallest ones.

Once you are satisfied with how it looks, you can decorate your gift basket with a blue ribbon and more tissue paper. Finish with either a card or a gift basket tag.

Idea #2: Snacks and candy packaged in blue

Any gift basket needs at least a few snacks! Fortunately, many snacks, candy, and even beverages are packaged in blue, so it should be easy to find blue food items to add to your basket.

Think about Oreo and Chips Ahoy! Cookies, Crunch chocolate bars, some flavours of Doritos tortilla chips, Mentos mints, and Dentyne Ice chewing gum, to name a few.

If you know your gift basket recipient loves a type of candy packaged in blue, make sure to get a few!

Idea #3: A blue mug

Finding a blue mug shouldn’t be too difficult. Mugs are affordable, but if you find one with a great design or a fun slogan, it could easily become their new favourite mug!

You could add a small package of coffee, tea or hot chocolate inside the mug, so they will be able to prepare something good to drink immediately.

Idea #4: A blue notebook

Everyone needs a notebook. Especially those who are forgetful or creative and who like having a notebook where they can write down errands and ideas they don’t want to forget.

Look for a cute blue notebook or a blue planner. You could also get a blue pen to go with it if it doesn’t already come with an assorted pen.

Idea #5: A blue blanket

Blue is a soothing colour, which makes it perfect for decorating a blanket. If you know the recipient of your blue gift basket likes to cuddle up with a book or in front of the TV, you could add a nice blanket to their gift.

A blanket is always fun to receive, whether light and soft or thick and warm.

Idea #6: Blue bath products

Many bath products are blue or packaged in blue. Look for blue bath bombs, salts, bubble baths, and soap.

You might even be able to find a kit of blue products, which would make a perfect addition to your blue gift basket. The recipient will be happy to have a spa day at home and to pamper themselves.

Idea #7: Blue candles

Blue candles are beautiful and relaxing. Scented blue candles can smell like an ocean breeze, like lavender, like blueberry pie, like blue raspberries, or pretty much anything you can imagine.

A blue candle would go very well with blue spa products to encourage the recipient of your gift basket to take a moment to take good care of themselves.

Idea #8: Blue kitchen or hand towels

Is your blue gift basket destined for an adult with a blue kitchen, or would you like to get one someday? A pretty blue kitchen towel should make them happy!

If the bathroom decor of your gift basket recipient is blue, opt for blue hand towels or perhaps a few blue washcloths.

Idea #9: Blue picnic essentials

If the recipient loves picnics, your gift basket could be a picnic basket filled with picnic essentials, all in blue.

Think about a blue picnic blanket, plates, utensils, tumblers, and napkins. Add a few snacks, and your gift basket is ready.

Idea #10: Blue office supplies

Not every day is a picnic, so some cute office supplies could be perfect for cheering up an adult who loves blue.

Think about a blue ruler, scissors, pens, pencil cups, sticky notes, and a tape dispenser.

Idea #11: A blue gift card

Finally, if the recipient of your gift basket seems to already have everything, you could give them a few snacks with a gift card.

Many stores allow you to customize the design of your gift card, while others already offer blue gift cards because it fits their brand. Simply pick a brand you know the recipient will love.