10 Trendy Short Blonde Hair Ideas

Did you know that blond hair is one of the most popular hair colours? More people worldwide opt for a shade of this golden hue – from platinum to blond highlights. It is also becoming increasingly trendy to chop off your long locks and opt for an above-the-shoulder cut accentuating your face. There are many different ways to spruce up your short, blond style, whether you choose to change the colour or the cut.

If you are looking for some fun ways to spice up your short blond hairstyle, the options are endless at a hair salon. You and your hairstylist can work together to transform your look completely. Whether you want to chop it all off into a sexy pixie cut or leave it long with rose gold highlights, the options for accentuating your short blond hair are endless.

There are many fashionable ways to switch your look if you have short, blonde hair. Here are ten trendy short blonde hair ideas:

1. Short blonde pixie cut

If you want to revamp your look completely, a pixie cut may be precisely what you need. If you’re not sure what this hairstyle looks like, take a moment to picture Tinkerbell from the famous Disney movie Peter Pan. This cut is characterized by its short, choppy layers. The back and sides of the hair are typically kept shorter, with the longest layers being on top. Embrace the messy look and wear your hair slightly tousled to rock a pixie cut.

2. Short blonde bob

There are many different variations of the bob hairstyle, and the one you select should depend on the shape of your face and how you plan on styling your hair. A traditional bob is the same length all the way around and usually curls under your chin. An inverted bob has shorter layers at the back, which rest at the nape of the neck. These layers gradually become longer as they reach the front and are often cut into a sharp angle.

3. Short blonde Lob

The lob is a relatively new style that has grown in popularity. It has become a favourite with movie stars and musicians all over Hollywood, and for a good reason. The lob (or long-bob) gives you the best of both worlds. It is longer than the traditional bob and usually sits around shoulder-length or just above. While it is considered a short haircut, it is long enough to still allow you the versatility of wearing it up and playing around with different styling techniques.

4. Short blonde bangs

If you are looking for a new way to spruce up your short, blond hair, why not get some bangs. Cutting the front section of your hair into a face-framing fringe can completely transform your style. You can opt for long bangs or short, whichever you prefer.

5. Short blonde waves

Nothing helps accentuate blond hair better than beachy waves. These soft, natural waves make you appear that you have just visited the ocean, and they can be styled on even some of the shortest hair cuts. Use your flat iron instead of a curling iron to achieve this beachy vibe.

6. Short blonde shaved pixie

If you are feeling daring, have your hairdresser bring out the razor and transform your regular pixie cut into a shaved pixie. This look is defined by having either one or both sides of the head shaved, leaving long layers on top.

7. Short blush blonde

Instead of opting for a new cut, you can transform your short blond locks by switching up your colour. Try going for a blush blond or rose gold look, which adds a subtle hint of pink to your golden hue.

8. Short blonde with silver streaks

One of the hottest trends in hair right now is silver streaks. These look fabulous on blond hair and add an extra layer of icy dimension. This look is also fantastic for anyone looking to hide natural gray regrowth.

9. Short blonde with sweet honey tone

Opting for a natural, golden honey-tone gold might just be the change you are looking for. This naturally-looking gold hue is the perfect choice for almost any skin tone and is easy to maintain. Honey-blonde is a mixture that blends both brown and blond tones, creating a warm colour that can be made as light or as dark as you wish.

10. Short platinum blonde

This hair colour has been a classic for decades now. It’s no wonder that platinum blond has been a favourite among so many for so long. It can be made darker or lighter depending on skin tone, meaning almost anyone can wear it, and it looks especially trendy on shorter styles. The pigment in blond hair is reduced to achieve this colour, resulting in pearl white to silver.