8 Fancy Electric Fireplace Decor Ideas for Homes

There’s nothing quite like the beautiful glow of a fireplace on a cold night. With an electric fireplace, it’s never been easier to transform any room in your house into a stylish, warm, and welcoming space. Electric fireplaces are much easier to maintain than their gas or wood counterparts, adding instant ambiance no matter the time of year.

Perhaps you are considering the purchase of an electric fireplace, or maybe you already have one. Here are eight electric fireplace decor ideas for homes:

Idea #1: Electric Fireplace Television Stand

Maybe you don’t have an electric fireplace because you are unsure how to integrate one into your space. If so, an electric fireplace TV stand might be perfect for you.

They are a simple way to add a fireplace to any room and a storage solution since most are designed with shelving and drawers or cupboards. Check the specifications before choosing your stand; you want to verify that it is the correct size for your television set.

Idea #2: Create a Focal Point

Your electric fireplaces are the perfect place to create a focal point. Centre it on one of the walls and arrange your furniture around it to allow you to sit and enjoy the fire or encourage conversation when entertaining guests.

To make even more of a statement, paint the wall you’ve hung in the fireplace a contrasting colour from the rest of the room to create an accent wall.

Idea #3: Install a Mantel

The good news for traditional fireplace lovers is that nowadays, you can get the look of a real fireplace without the coals and smoke and wood carrying. Many electric fireplaces are sold with a mantel kit, but if you did not purchase one and want to add a mantle after the fact, have no fear!

You can build one or install a pre-made mantle if you are handy. Another option is to put up a mantle shelf. This gives you the area above the fireplace to decorate but looks more streamlined if that look appeals to you more.

Idea #4: Add a Bookshelf Surround

Wall-mounted fireplaces are great for adding warmth and coziness to a room. If you want to up the style, consider adding shelving units around it to create the look of a built-in unit. By framing your electric fireplace with bookshelves, you automatically add visual balance while giving yourself extra storage space for all the books you will read while cozying up in front of the fire.

Idea #5: Throw Down a Rug

With an electric fireplace, there’s never any chance of a stray ember starting a fire in your house. Because of this, it’s perfectly safe to decorate around the fire using soft textiles like a gorgeous shag rug.

To pull the look together, match the colour or texture of the carpet you choose with some big fluffy pillows for the couch. Don’t forget a throw blanket for curling up in your favourite seat beside the flames.

Idea #6: Display Your Style

If you have a mantle for your electric fireplace, it’s the perfect place to decorate with items that showcase your personality. Photographs or prints are common mantle décor choices.

Because you simply set them atop the mantle, they are easy to switch out whenever desired. Candlesticks, potted plants, vases, or unique collectables can all appear on your mantle and turn it into something special.

Idea #7: Use a Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screens were initially intended to protect the area around a wood fire. You may not technically need one for an electric fireplace. But don’t discount them completely; there are so many gorgeous screens on the market you could use one as a piece of décor.

Placing a fireplace screen in front of your electric fireplace can contribute to the timeless look and appeal that a traditional mantle would have. Go for an antique-looking three-panel screen, or choose a more modern decorative option depending on the overall scheme of your space.

Idea #8: Make the Old Fireplace Look New Again

You may have a defunct wood-burning fireplace and have considered reviving it but are concerned about the hazards of a real fire. Your existing structure can be transformed safely with an electric fireplace insert.

An insert provides better efficiency and safety than a traditional wood-burning fire. You don’t have to sacrifice style either; they come in various shapes and sizes, and you will surely find one that appeals to you. Ensure you have a nearby power source and accurately measure the fireplace’s interior to have enough clearance around the insert.

Electric fireplaces can give you the look and feel of a traditional fireplace with much less work. They can be enjoyed year-round by controlling the heat function. They come in so many different styles; there is something for everyone.