How to Dress a Window Without Curtains

Curtains can complement any type of decor, and they easily bring us privacy and allow us to block out the sunlight whenever we want to. But what if you don’t want to install curtains in your living room, bedroom or kitchen?

Let us inspire you with these eight tips on dressing a window without curtains, and then choose your favourite alternative.

1. Dress your window with stylish blinds

Apart from curtains, what offers you an easy way to control how much privacy and sunlight you want? Blinds, of course.

Blinds are affordable and easy to install, and most of them are also easy to clean. And one of the best things about them is that they come in different styles. Whether you are interested in Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, cordless blinds, or automatic blinds operated by a remote, you can dress your window with blinds matching your decor.

2. Make a custom indoor awning or valance

If you want something more original than blinds to dress your window, and if privacy is not an issue, you could cover only the top portion of your window with an indoor awning or a valance.

If you want to customize your new window treatment, you could make your awning or valance from a piece of fabric, a board of reclaimed wood, or a corrugated metal sheet.

You can then paint it or use a stencil to decorate it with the letters or images of your choice.

3. Install shutters

Shutters are fantastic window coverings if your home has traditional or modern farmhouse decor. They can also work with other decor styles depending on their colour and finish.

You could opt for traditional shutters or barn door shutters. These block the light and the view when they are closed and frame the window beautifully when they are open.

You could make your shutters if you are handy, or you could look for antique ones at a flea market or a garage sale.

4. Hang plants and herbs in front of it

If you love house plants and have quite a few, you could hang them in front of your window. They will get plenty of light, brighten the room, and cover parts of your window to give you more privacy.

If you want to dress a kitchen window, you could start an herb garden right before it. You could hang your herbs or place them on small shelves before your window. The best part is you will never run out of fresh herbs to add flavour to your dishes!

5. Hang string lights

If you are looking for a whimsical way to dress a window without curtains, think about string lights.

Hanging string lights from the ceiling or a curtain rod will add a touch of magic to any window and instantly make the room more festive. You can opt for white string lights for a more neutral look or have fun with colourful lights to feel like every day is a party.

String lights might not be the best window covering option for a bedroom, as they won’t allow you to block out the sunlight or the city lights.

6. Make a faux stained glass panel

Do you like the look of stained glass windows? You could cover your window with a faux stained glass panel. This will bring you privacy without blocking the light. The light through your window should be slightly tinted, making the room more colourful.

To make a custom faux stained glass panel, you need a glass panel that fits your window, some adhesive lead strips, and different glass paint colours. Trace the design you want on paper placed underneath your glass panel, and get creative.

7. Cover it with window film or lace

If making a faux stained glass panel sounds too complicated, you can cover your window with a decorative window film or even with lace.

Window films help filter sunlight without completely blocking it, making it difficult for nosey neighbours and passersby to look through your window. Plus, they are easy to install and remove.

8. Put up a privacy screen

If you aim to block the light and the view, you could put up a privacy screen in front of your window. Choose one that matches your decor, or make your own.

Depending on their design, some privacy screens can let in some natural light, which might be a good option if you don’t want your bathroom to get too dark and gloomy.