7 Cute Ways to Package Small Gifts and Presents

Are you looking for a way to wrap your gift in a cute, unique way? Packaging outside the box is about putting your personal touch on a gift and letting your loved ones know that you care. Whether you have a storefront selling gifts and want to have a memorable package or DIYing a gift for a friend, there is so much you can do to create a package that outshines what’s inside.

Do you need some inspiration and a little help with your packaging? Here are seven cute ways to package small gifts:

1. Paper-Free Packaging

Most gifts come with colourful paper and a bow, but they don’t have to. If you want your gift to be sweet and festive, why not use material instead?

A small gift wrapped in the fabric makes it meaningful because you took extra time to personalize it. You need enough fabric to cover the item, and then get creative with the seal. You can do a standard fold at each end or tie it tight, side to side and secure it with some twine. Your gift will get lots of attention for sure.

2. Natural Packaging

Instead, you can toss out the shiny colours and have warm brown tones with craft paper. This gives your gift a sleek look, but it doesn’t stop there. Now you can wrap twine or wool string around a few times and tie on a pine cone or spruce leave to finish off your earth-tone packaging. If you want to add a scent to your gift, attach a few cinnamon sticks. This is a cute way to make your packaging connect with the great outdoors.

3. Build a Snowman

This gift packaging takes three boxes and some white wrapping paper. Simply cover the boxes with the white paper making sure to have three different sizes, and stacking them from big to small. Secure them with tape, decorate them with a few ribbon buttons, and cut out eyes, nose, and mouth.

Pick one box to put your gift in and put a candy scoop in the other one. It will be fun watching them open all the boxes to find your special surprise. A snowman is a cute way to package small gifts. This crafty project will warm hearts for sure.

4. Emoji Box

You can create your favourite emoji with coloured paper and do some quick research on the crafting idea. Go on your phone to your favourite social media app and switch the keyboard to emojis. Here is your inspiration.

Pick a cute one and try your best to recreate it on the gift box. Start with a yellow base, as most of them use that colour, and make a funny face. Do you want to be a little bolder? Try to recreate the poop emoji or a cute animal face. Your special someone will adore it and appreciate all your effort.

5. Custom Tape

Creating cute packaging can be more than just wrapping. You can opt for a plain paper gift wrap and then use custom tape to jazz it up. Some companies allow you to upload the artwork to create custom tape with almost anything you want on it. You could use funny photos, your company’s branding, and anything your imagination comes up with. Then use your tape to secure your package and be the decor that makes the gift special.

6. Use Stamps

Creating a fun gift package is easy if you use stamps for your decoration. The craft stores have lots of different characters and every letter so you can stamp a person’s name on the box, as well as cute animals and funny graphics. Be creative and use different colour inks to make your stamping come to life. The best part? They are no wrong ways to do it. You just start and keep stamping until you’ve filled up the outside space.

7. Reverse Wrapping

This is a crazy way to use your gift as the packaging. It will make your friends scratch their heads as they try to figure out what’s going on, and once they open up the box inside, it’ll all be revealed.

This mainly works with clothing, and you start with a small box and put a personal note inside with some confetti and tasty candy. Make sure your note explains that this is reverse wrapping, or they still might not get it. Then you “wrap” the box up with your real gift. It could be a pair of jeans or a cozy nightgown. Even some warm, woolly socks work well for this. I guarantee no one else will be wrapping their gifts like this.

Custom making your gift packaging always brings a smile to the recipient. We all want to feel special, young or old, so have fun creating your small gifts with these cute ideas.