The Top 6 Places In Toronto To Lease a Condo

Toronto is such a fantastic city. The atmosphere, the environment, and the overall scenery can really make this place feel like paradise; for those who love the cities. It is because of these wonderful, and unique, qualities about Toronto that leasing a condo here is not that difficult, and if you are trying to showcase a few condos for sale in Toronto to potential clients, then these six condos may very well be precisely what you were looking for.

Leasing a condo has never been easier. 

The Top 6 Places In Toronto To Lease a Condo

# 1 – Tip Top Lifts

The Tip Top Lifts condo sits right adjacent to a park that gives the clients a perfect view of the surrounding area. This is one of the most beautifully designed condos in all of Toronto and coupled with a beautiful park right next to the Condo this could potentially be a dream place for the young entrepreneur.

# 2 – Pier 27

For those who love sailing or fishing, mostly sailing, the Pier 27 condo is sailor’s love home, aside from the ocean. The condo itself is eye-catching and beautifully designed. There is nothing quite like looking out at the clear blue sea to get your mind ready for the day ahead. Peaceful, calm and most importantly a beautiful scenery.

# 3 – X Condominium

This is a condo for the individual who does business abroad. The X Condominium is an excellent place for the businessman who will be in the city for a few weeks or a few months. The overall design is a stainless steel and glass masterpiece that accentuates a firm mind. And this is precisely what is needed for the people who are doing business and making deals.

# 4 – L Tower

Another glass tower that scales considerably high in the city of Toronto. The L tower out scales the Sony tower and does so with a flair of bravado that can really bolster the ego of anyone looking to see the city of Toronto in its entirety.

# 5 – One King West

Once known as the Dominion Bank (1914) – the One King West now is one of the most popular condos in Toronto. Thanks to its fantastic design as well as its fantastic location this is one of the most popular condos for people to try and rent.

# 6 – 75 Portland

Lastly – you may be seeing a running theme here – but the 75 Portland condo is another glass condo that aesthetically wise looks like an apartment but is a condo that offers a wide array of significant benefits and stylish amenities that make it so much more different from an apartment.

Leasing Condos Has Never Been Easier

With these fantastic condos, leasing will never be a problem. They mainly sell themselves with their stellar design and the fantastic location they are in. If you are looking to get more rentals and looking to improve your sells, then you might want to keep these condos in mind because they do all the world for you.