8 Most Noticeable Serial Cheater Traits

As far as life itself goes, relationships are formed at a very early age. When life develops and we grow into our persona, we will form different relationships with other individuals. From the professional ones to the intimate partnerships, all are important for their reasons. Regarding the latter, falling in love may be one of the best feelings to experience.

The relationship you share with your partner is crucial for more than just the obvious. However, should life devolve and your relationship deteriorate, there could be some factors to know of. Your partner may be living an adulterous life, to which you may suspect cheating being a prime factor.

If you suspect they may be a serial cheater, there will be signs to confirm your suspicions. Watch out for these eight serial cheater traits:

Serial Cheater Trait #1: Avoids certain topics

When two people fall in love, the relationship formed is based on mutual trust. This means that communication is vital, and both parties must ensure that serious discussions are had. Sometimes, it may not be easy to reach, but it must be done for the relationship to live on.

If your partner purposely tries to avoid these grounded topics, it could be grounds for concern. Try to initiate the conversations when needed and see how they react. If it is a constant brushing off, it could be because they want nothing to do with you. Also, it may be because they see someone else who they are taking seriously instead!

Serial Cheater Trait #2: Odd work hours

Staying at the office for more than what is needed is something all of us will experience. Work is often a huge component of our lives, and it is necessary to stay committed. Don’t take this to prioritize work over family and relationship matters. If it is used as an excuse by your partner, you may have to dig a little deeper.

For example, if your partner is coming home later than usual in a consistent fashion, you may have to investigate. Hire detectives like Star Quality Private Investigations to understand what is happening with your partner. They could be using their extra work hours to see someone else, to which they will lie constantly. Your partner’s work-life can be used to mask other, adulterous endeavours of their life.

Serial Cheater Trait #3: No transparency

As mentioned previously, communication is of the utmost concern for maintaining a relationship. If this is muddied somehow, hanging on to the relationship may become much harder. If you feel your partner is not levelling with you on an honest level, they could be cheating on you.

You should make all honest attempts at communicating with your partner in this regard. If they consistently say that everything is fine when it isn’t, they could be hiding something. Not being transparent with you is a sure-fire way to ruin a relationship because of outside affairs being had.

Serial Cheater Trait #4: Downplays Infidelity

If you do happen to ask your partner about the topic of infidelity, their reaction will tell you everything. Many serial cheaters often balk at the mere mention of it, while others may try to accuse you of the behaviour. You will have to gauge this quite carefully to get an honest response.

Serial Cheater Trait #5: Argumentative

Even if it is genuine or not, being accused of something could provoke an argumentative response. Partners who happen to be serial cheaters will try to argue with you whenever a serious topic comes up. Should your partner do this with you, make sure to keep your cool before moving on.

The last thing you should do is fight fire with fire. A cheating partner will always try to argue and accuse before acknowledging that their behaviour is wrong. As a result, you will have to acknowledge the red flags and discuss the situation uniquely. That way, the truth can be unveiled quicker.

Serial Cheater Trait #6: Insecurity

Insecurity is a common serial cheater trait. Many serial cheaters may also feel insecure about admitting their adulterous behaviour due to low self-esteem. If it seems as if they are not being as communicative as they can, you could pinpoint it to this trait!

Serial Cheater Trait #7: Constant lies

Deceit is one of the most prevalent serial cheater traits. Being deceitful throughout life is a sure-fire way of indicating that your partner is unfaithful. Even the smaller lies will add up down the line, which could make things explode at some point in the future.

Serial Cheater Trait #8: No remorse

Sometimes, the truth can be revealed in quite an easy fashion. Even if you happen to catch your partner in their lie, they may show no remorse or guilt for their behaviour. After all, it is a very easy way to identify them as serial cheaters. Maintain your composure, and you will find the result you are looking for!