9 Best Bedroom Staging Ideas That Look Classy

It’s a very simple idea. That’s the proven fact that real estate staging helps homes sell. When staging something like a bedroom, though, a seller may know that staging works but not exactly how to do it right.

Fortunately, there is lots of advice from design and real estate experts to help you stage a bedroom. Your objective is to make a bedroom feel cozy and welcoming while optimizing it for sale.
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Here are nine best bedroom staging ideas for your property:

Idea #1: Neutral bedroom colours

Neutrals are a dominant theme in staging any room. Neutral colours. Neutral tones. Suppose the past owners had their bedroom a certain way. That might turn off potential buyers, remove anything bold, assuming, or that may be restrictive in terms of the personality it expresses, and opt for minimalist, neutral themes and tones.

In some cases, this may even involve repainting the bedroom in a more neutral colour if painted a certain way that doesn’t resemble a bedroom.

Idea #2: Emphasize bedroom features

Your master bedroom may not have the walk-in closets, floor-to-ceiling windows, and luxury features that more lavish properties have, but every bedroom has its charm. Take an honest inventory of those, and highlight them in your staging.

Think lighting, size, or shape. Look at opportunities to design or re-design the bedroom for modern use, adding accessories that don’t detract from the present features. You can also use furniture rental to beautify the bedroom space in the short term.

Idea #3: Keep a clean, decluttered space

You want buyers to see themselves living in the bedroom you’re staging. For that reason, any personal items should be removed. Everything should be kept clean and minimalist. Toss out anything that doesn’t fit that mould.

Remove anything that does not seem like it fits in a bedroom. You don’t necessarily want to pair the room down to simply essentials. That would be very boring. However, things that don’t suit the room’s overall feel should be removed.

Idea #4: Use light to create a warm bedroom

Open the curtains. Let the light shine in. A bedroom isn’t a dark space. If it’s during the night, warm light coming from a lamp is an alternative. Avoid cold or fluorescent lighting for any bedroom. Think of how to make the space feel warm.

You may even want to put some music on. Focus on texture, laying out a fluffy rug on the floor if it’s hardwood and trying to slightly soften the room’s atmosphere.

Idea #5: Pay attention to the flow of the bedroom

Your room’s scale. It matters a whole lot. You don’t want to pack in too many things, but small bedrooms can pose a problem. There are certain necessities a bedroom should have, and with limited space, those can be difficult to fit in. You may want to downsize the bed or nightstand in response.

Square footage is very valuable in a bedroom. Also, make sure it’s easy to move comfortably in the room. Tip-toeing or having to strain to get somewhere is not a good look.

Idea #6: Fresh, clean bedding on the bed

The bed is the centrepiece. You don’t need to go over the top with how you cover it, but an attractive cover such as a comforter, clean sheets, and nice pillows and pillow covers are all acceptable.

You may want to buy a whole new set for something like this as you don’t want prospective buyers remarking on the quality of the blanket or thinking of the past owners. Treat it like you are looking like a bed from a catalogue.

Idea #7: Don’t worry about the matching

This is a bedroom. Not everything has to match. It looks weird when everything does. Staging a bedroom shouldn’t involve matching furniture or a colour scheme that does not vary. Add in some unique décor. Mix it up with one or two different textures and colours.

For example, in a modern bedroom, adding something vintage or a piece of art that explodes with colour gives the room some personality without it being overly personal.

Idea #8: Incorporate storage solutions

Lots of people focus on how to dress up the bed, but you also want to be mindful of the storage needs the average person has. They will want someplace to put their clothes, for example. Personal items that don’t suit any other room in the home and are very personal would normally fit into a closet, a dresser, or something similar. Use your best judgment in the storage type you select.

Idea #9: Staging your nightstand

Every bed has a nightstand. Think about how you want to stage yours. It doesn’t take much, fortunately. A few simple pieces are all you need. A nice candle. An artificial plant. An essential oil diffuser is an option which can also be turned on during showings. A book. Nothing more is needed. As with other room areas, you will want to keep the nightstand look clean and minimalist.