What To Pack When Visiting India

India tours are fun, affordable and action-packed with adventure. India travel draws millions of visitors all year long with an inviting sub-tropical and semi-arid climate that is warm and conducive to outdoor sightseeing. To make the most of the exciting India vacation packages, one must be sure to pack appropriately with all the essential items.

India travel and vacation packages include walking tours, beaches, mountain exploration and much more. To stay cool and comfortable on the journey, travelers should pack breathable light cotton clothing, free of binding for maximum comfort and mobility.

Packing light is always the best choice for international travel, keeping your attire to a minimal. Seasoned travelers on India vacation packages understand the utility of keeping the luggage light.

On most India tours, you will only be a few days in each city, so there’s no need to load up on wardrobe. Try a few tops and pants to mix and match, thus creating the illusion of a larger wardrobe for your India travel photos.

India tours require a fair amount of walking, so be sure to take good care of your feet. Old , broken-in shoes are highly recommended and you may wish to pack a small first aid kit in case you develop a blister. You will need a small tube of anti-bacterial cream, several bandages, and perhaps a few corn pads for your toes.

Mosquito Bites
The best remedy for mosquito bites is to avoid the problem from the start. You will find a large selection of bug sprays that contain DDT that repel mosquitos from giving you the first bite. In addition to the traditional sprays, you may wish to explore your other options with repellant creams and anti-mosquito soap bars. For best results with the soap, be sure to use the soap in the shower for two to three days before you connect with your India tours. This allows the ingredients to permeate your skin and get to work repelling mosquitos. The soap bars have a pleasing scent of candles and may be used on the entire body, including the face.

Vitamins and Medications
Vacation packages to India may take you to some exotic locations. For some sensitive travelers that require supplements, be sure to pack your required doses of vitamins, protein powders, etc. In addition, any medications that you require may not be available in a foreign country. Your meds should be packed in your carry-on luggage or kept on your person when boarding your flight.

India travel is safe and alluring, making this one of the top getaway destinations in the world. Whether your vacation is a few weeks or just a few days, India delivers the rest and relaxation you deserve. Pack well, eat well and have a fabulous trip. This may be your first time to India, however, it will surely not be your last. You can find more info at the Tour East Holidays website.