i am loving the 90′s revival we are having right now. in all the “smells like teen spirit” types of ways. cardigans, overalls,  tiny florals printed on black and doc martins. remember the floral printed shoes in thispost?

i love that shay borrowed this shirt from her brother. you know how i feel about the boys section, dreamy.

how i wish i could swoosh back to the days of overall appropriateness and nestle my body right in between those two brass buckles.

ahhh, so comfy.

they never failed.

big pockets you keep your keys and frosty lipgloss in.

so happy for you girls of 2013. so happy. enjoy. soon you cannot wear them, like past the age of 24.

check your closets for the shirt or try here or here / overalls from gap kids, not available online / boots