i will never forget dancing to boys to men, The End of the Road.  My perfectly straight arm clasped on his shoulder swaying under the disco lights at my middle school. Back and forth from one foot to the other, almost as though you were making Legos dance.  every boys’ hair was expertly gelled down per their cool older brother instructions times 1o.  the smell of stolen cologne from their dad’s medicine cabinet permeated the air leaving you feeling slightly nauseous and light headed all at once. coupled with the loss of blood from my horrible, newly acquired shaving skills and it was a recipe for pure love. enter the age of the middle school dance.

awkward but fun. carefree but not at all. a time to take some fashion risks, like my floral body suit and high waisted mauve bongo jean skirt. it is a tough spot. girls want to look cool but not trying to hard, comfortable but not babyish. lets talk about it.

i have gotten several requests lately to address tween style and i am excited to do so. I have answered a few personal emails about it but i thought this one could probably benefit more then one mama/daughter out there. one of my favorite tweens is going to her daddy/daughter dance soon and is stuck on a very common problem.

” i don’t fit in juniors, but i don’t want to look like a baby. what do i wear?”

i love this question and am happy to give a little round up of outfits i think would be cool enough and not too old and not too young for the cutest tween in your life.

maybe send a face mask for all the cologne, eh?

1. black neoprene dress. i like this dress for two reasons, okay three. 1. it is neoprene which is one of the coolest fabrics trending right now. 2. it is black, my fave. 3. it is a razor back. so cute on little shoulders while not being a spaghetti strap so they can wear a bra.

2. cream lace shift dress: paired with combat boots or fringe booties and you are set.

3. dr. marten mary janes

4. metallic shift dress: i love this dress just how they styled it. metallic keeps it interesting at night while the straight cut makes it modern and cool. love it paired with boots.

5. leather moto jacket: add this jacket to any dress and it is instantly edgier.

6. boho peasant dress: feeling a little boho chic? try this with fringed boots and a great braid.

7. leather sandal

8. suede fringe dress: i just died.

messy bun image, via pinterest board here.