Top Items You Should Pack Yourself When Preparing for a Move

Many people will hire a moving company to help them relocate to a new home. Movers provide exceptional service that can drastically reduce your stress level and physical exertion on moving day. Some people may not have the physical means or abilities to move without the help of movers. If you have already enlisted the help of long distances movers, your thoughts may be turning to how you can pack up all of your belongings. Some will use professional packing service offered by their moving team. However, regardless of how you plan to pack, there are a few top items that you should pack yourself as you prepare for moving day.

Your Overnight Bag
Even if you have your movers pack up everything you own, you may not want them to prepare your overnight bag. It may be one or several days before you are fully unpacked and settled into your new home, and this means that you may be living out of a suitcase for a few days. Pack enough closing and personal items to last you for as long as you anticipate the unpacking process to tack. Then, you can let your moving company handle relocating all of your other personal items and clothing.

Your Jewelry
Whether you need short distance or long distance movers for your relocation plans, you may want to safeguard your jewelry. While most moving companies vet their employees and conduct a thorough background check, you do not want to tempt anyone to take valuables that are simply staring them in the face. Likewise, you also do not want to risk losing such valuable items. It is best to pack these items separately. Then, take the additional step to safeguard the items by packing this box in your own personal vehicle. This will give them the personal attention they need during relocation.

Your Paintings and Pictures
Your paintings and pictures may be valuable for different reasons. Some have monetary value, and others may have sentimental value. From fine works of art to pictures your kids created or pictures of the family, you want to preserve and protect these items. You can easily pack smaller items away with your jewelry. Larger items may need to be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. If they can fit in your car, this is the best option. If not, ask the moving company to take extra care to keep them safe. You can find more information at Premiere Van Lines.

While your moving company can typically be trusted to handle all of your valuable and precious items, accidents can and do happen. There are some items that you simply do not want to take chances with. If you are preparing to move, consider taking the proper steps to secure these items before the moving team arrives.

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