Three Ways to Keep Your Drains Clean

Drains are one of the most commonly used plumbing features in the home, and because of their heavy use, they also are one of the features that many people struggle with. The most common issue people have with these features is a clog. Clogs can be complete, and they can prevent any water from flowing down the pipe. You may also have a partial clog, and this may result in water slowly draining away. Both can be challenging to deal with, and you may reach out to a plumber for professional plumbing service to remove a clog. While you can always call a plumbing company for this type of repair service, you may also want to take preventive steps. After all, many clogs can be avoided.

Use a Drain Cover
When your drains are clogged, you may not be able to use the sinks, tubs or shower basins associated with those features. After all, you do not want water to flow out of these features and onto the floor. This can create costly water damage for you to contend with. One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent a clog is to use a drain cover. There are covers designed for both kitchen and bathroom sinks, and this can effectively trap hair and other items before they enter your pipes. Then, you simply need to clear away the debris from the drain cover periodically.

Watch What Floats Down Your Drains
Another great idea is to watch the debris that you allow to wash down the sink, and this is particularly true in the kitchen. For example, many people use a garbage disposal to chop up food waste, but a garbage disposal does not work well with potato peels, watermelon rinds, banana peels and many other items. Learn more about the items that you can safely wash down your kitchen sink and that your garbage disposal can chop up to minimize the incidence of a clog in the kitchen.

Use Professional Drain Cleaning Services
Even with the best efforts, some materials may still float into your pipes that can result in a clog. For example, grease and soap residue are two top contributors to clogs, and these materials may not be trapped by a drain cover. A smart idea is to hire a plumbing company to clean your pipes periodically. Hydrojetting service is one of the top methods used by professionals, and this process uses a powerful stream of water propelled the pipes to clear away accumulated debris.

While these steps can effectively help you to prevent clogs from developing in your pipes, many homeowners may currently be struggling with a clog in their drain. If you cannot pull the clog out through your own efforts, such as if the clog is too deep or too dense, the services of a licensed and insured plumber can help. Your plumber may also offer additional recommendations regarding the care and maintenance of your pipes. Learn more information at ExpressRooter, which has more online resources available.

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