If you read my interview at Taylor Joelle, you know what spring trends for girls I am excited about.  When I took the pictures of Ruby at the beach for that article, she and I had this moment. This moment when she was looking at me and I was looking at her as she expressed her opinion about her clothing. I looked at her and thought,
“you are too old. or maybe she is too young?” of that, i am not yet sure. I just felt like I saw this shift from baby girl to big girl.

It was a moment when I thought, ” I get you. This is you and this is good.”

I will be posting on exactly what happened later, when I can think about it a little longer and really put it into words. For now I will leave you with my picks for girls this spring. Also, my own picks for spring for ME.

Easy, comfy, funky and fun.

1. neon crew cuts hoodie 2. dress by boy + girl 3. peek boy friend shorts 4. tribal harem pants by zara  5.jewled sandals by zara

1. i love to keep these in the car for those cool nights. They are the hoodies that look cute, last forever and if you buy a good color you can pass them down to the next kid.

2. i love this dress. i want this dress. i want her to wear it over the cutoff shorts when it is too short.

3. these are by far ruby’s favorite shorts. they are a great transition from school to the beach. her’s fit her a little long and slouchy, boyfriend style.

4. cannot wait to get these in the mail. so comfy and fun.

5. i love the fancy birkenstock vibe of these sandals.

Sooo….what’s on your list?

1. color block bag 2. color block tee 3. stacked bracelet 4. slouchy trousers 5. lace up heel

1. philip lim always does it right, i dream of this bag in my closet.

2. loving a more modern graphic nature in tees right now.

3. i cannot get enough of brightly colored and layered bracelets.

4. you will have to pry these off of me this spring.

5. i love the idea of lace up ties and open toes. these strike the perfect balance for spring.

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