this week has been a big crazy week. but what week isn’t? and i hear we are not allowed to say “we are so busy” because that is annoying and i agree. i don’t know one soul who is not “so busy” so i am just saying “big crazy week ” because that is what i am saying even if i am not supposed to. phew. the hus has been gone surfing in panama for a week leaving the three and me all to ourselves. i remember a time when i used to struggle with his absence but in recent years have learned to embrace the madness and freedom it brings… meaning i am free to craft and make art until the wee hours of the morning and not clean it up until the next day type of freedom. i know we go hard.  and madness meaning, i have three kids madness. so i say let the shenanigans commence…

oh and in case you are thinking of fixing ello’s suspenders, don’t. he likes um real nice and high because if they aren’t they will slide of his shoulder and you haven’t seen mad until you have seen this boy with his suspenders sliding. so we keep them snug and he keeps happy.

on ruby: sweatshirt/ skirt (hand me down from cousin but similar here for $48 and  here for $68) / shoes (old from zara)

on ello: denim shirt (old similar here)  /suspenders/ cords/ shoes

on myes: shirt/ cords/ shoes

Okay so tomorrow is the big day!! i will be hosting my second giveaway ever and it had to be good. real good. so you are going to want to check that out tomorrow.