a few months back my oldest childhood friend and college roommate invited ruby and i to her home in utah to spend a few days with her and her daughter. the girls were born only six weeks apart and although they hadn’t seen each other since they were babies we knew they would hit it off real nice.

so after answering ruby’s questions like “are you saying a “basement” is like a tunnel?” we went to visit our friends. THIS is a trip you must do with you little girls. Without the distraction of her brothers and life ruby and i cruised through our trip. For the first time ever I packed for just carryon luggage…it was dreamy.

from the iphone…

ruby: hat old (very similar and can’t wait to get this one)/ tank/ palazzo pants

me: hat

Day 1: We stayed at this beautiful hotel and enjoyed the pool, room service and this adorable toy store where we made one of the best investments of our lives. Go Fish Cards.

it took a moment for the girls to warm up as we toured salt lake city.

but just a few hours later ruby had forced baylee to get reeeal nice and cozy with her…

hulls are touchers. not too worried they had only met three hours before.

by that night they were snuggled in bed eating their room service carrots and ranch and cracking up.

and the next morning, jen caught them hiding in the closet playing Go Fish and on Ruby’s iPod all quiet like.

Day 2: Park City

Day 3 and 4 was a whirlwind of eating and waterslides. magic.

ruby: shirt/ shorts/ sandals

me: hat/dress and now its on sale for $25!! get there. (still loving my swing dresses and love it in GREEN and this FLORAL one)/ kimono/sunnies

this little girl knows how to do a girl’s trip. i am scared. so scared. she is a wild child. fun and laughter are her one and only goals.

I don’t post on Wednesdays, but this THURSDAY we are back in the beauty closet talking favorite cancelers!! exciting crap guys.