missy girl has a problem. an i am not scared of scissors problem. also an i am not scared of what my mom will do when she sees what i have done with the scissors problem. this would be the fourth time we have been faced with the scissor issue. we hid them and kept them out of reach for about a year and we had no incidents. we were feeling like she was ready to have them again. coupled with the fact that she has set up her own craft station in her room it seemed impossible to imagine  a craft station without scissors, we brought the scissors back out.

within a week i started finding whisps of blonde hair at her craft station. upon a head examination we discovered ground zero. damage done.

“but mawwwm, they were in my eyes”

“well now they are shooting up in the air sooo…”

forever 21 aztec sweatshirt, we bought two sizes too big and cut to a boyfriend tee / gap skinny jeans