photo inspiration…overcoming your insecurities

there are million reasons to NOT take your family pictures… money, stress, outfitting, husbands who don’t like to take pictures (not that i would know a thing about that), your extra poundage…. a. million. reasons.

however, i never let it stop me. although this year i really really wanted it to. my heavy may not be your heavy. my double chin cheek crease may not be your double chin cheek crease. my bad hair may not be your bad hair. my frustration level may not be yours. but they are mine dag namit (thanks for that ingenious phrase dad)! and they are real.

they bug me and i definitely didn’t want to record them for all to see or for my children to project onto a large screen at their wedding/baptism/graduation one day. supersize double chin cheek crease? no thanks.

regardless i did it. we recorded our family for this year. and let me tell you, i am so over the moon happy we did.  i love them.

a few weeks ago a longtime childhood friend of both my hus and mine came to take our holiday pictures. we remodeled our 1984 track home last fall and i have been wanting pictures of  us in this space we love, doing what we do,  ever since.

and we are definitely doing what we do in these shots.

a sink full of dirty dishes.

sitting in our favorite window seat/bed/art center/reading nook

i am not sure why it worked out so well this year. maybe it was the fact that we have known michelle and her family forever?

or maybe the fact that we were on a tight sched.  getting all the kids ready for a photoshoot before school and  then rushing off to work in the classroom, taking baby to mom’s, that sort of morning that i didn’t have time to over think it.  whatever it was we surrendered to the process, didn’t sweat the dishes (or my chin) and it was so fun and so easy that i couldn’t be happier with what she produced.

on myes: plaid collar shirt / ringer tee (old) but similar here / blue jeans/ gray desert boots (old from gap, see this post for similar options) on the hus: plaid flannel find similar here / gray volcom jeans (old) similar fit / top siders  on baby ello: blue oxford / thermal henley / gray jeans / top siders (old) / on ruby: polka dot collar shirt (sold out but similar here) / gray dress / ballet flats (sold out but similar here) / hair bow (old from lou and lee but check them out for similar styles) or here  on me: denim shirt (love stitch from local store) / tipi sweater / high waisted jeans /

the kids all lined up at the island making demands and cracking us up like they do every morning.

it is a lot to take family pictures. a lot of planning. a lot of styling, and restyling (i am not wearing what i planned at all in these pics) and a sacrifice of funds.  however,  every year, i am so happy we did. it takes a snapshot of us where we are. makes us remember the realness of our lives. and gives us something to look at and talk about for years to come.

thank heavens for all the lifestyle photographers who pioneered natural, meaningful photography. the more normal we make it, the less anxiety my kids have and the better their smiles are and the more likely i am to let go of my chin crease and smile along with my fam.

i can’t say enough about this lovely lady, Michelle Hanson Photography.