If you don’t you should. I found Krystyna of Stylish Littles on Instagram.

She posts the cutest kid’s finds. They are always stylish, fresh and unexpected.

She has an amazing knack for finding children’s items before everyone else.

She is expecting a baby girl soon so I asked her to share her maternity and baby picks here.

here is what she had to share…

backpack / maxi dress / book / sandals

layering pieces: When I am pregnant, all I want is to be comfortable. In the first trimester it takes a lot to get me out of sweats because I am so exhausted and nauseated. By the end, my body is already so uncomfortable that the last things I want to wear are scratchy fabrics or shirts that I constantly have to reajust. That’s why my favorite layering pieces are hands-down from Shade Clothing. Their maternity tank tops and cap sleeve tees are absurdly soft and thin enough to layer with, even in the summer. Definitely my number one maternity apparel must-have!

maxi: During pregnancy I love to wear maxi skirts and dresses. They are as comfortable as pajamas, but help me feel pretty. Also, they cover my cankles while still keeping me cool in the summer! This striped maxi dress from Asos is simple enough to be dressed up or down.

sandals: A shoe with a little bit of wedge goes a long way for me when I’m pregnant. Near the end, my balance isn’t so great, but that doesn’t mean that I am okay with wearing flip flops every day! I love these Steve Madden sandals. They have enough wedge to add some height and femininity without making you topple over!

book: Even though this isn’t my first child, I still really enjoy reading parenting books. I have read lots of different ones ranging from spiritual to clinical. One that I read this pregnancy that I really loved is Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman. She is an American who had a baby in France and discusses the French style of parenting. It is a change from the normal parenting book in which a doctor or psychiatrist tells you what’s best for your child and why. This reads more like a travel journal with interesting tid bits learned along the way, which I enjoyed.

diaper bag: Now that I am going to have a toddler and a newborn, I decided it was time to upgrade my diaper bag. After researching and finding nothing that I liked or that wasn’t already being carried by everyone that I know, I landed on the Fjallraven backpack. It’s not made to be a diaper bag, but it has pockets on the side for bottles and sippy cups and a large inside pocket where I keep diapers and wipes. I keep my phone, chapstick and keys in the front zipper pocket so I can find them easily and the main pouch is plenty roomy enough for everything I need. I have the one built for a 13″ laptop, so it has an extra zippered pocket on the back that I keep my iPad in for long drives and errands. Also it’s waterproof so when it gets yucky I just wipe it out and it looks brand new again! And my husband loves it because it looks cool and he doesn’t feel stupid carrying it

peplum tops / bows / mocassins / blanket / bracelet

leggings: I love the crazy fun patterns and prints that Salt City Emporium comes out with. I have a pair of these animal leggings for my two year old and they are her favorite. I’m going to get a matching pair for my baby, judge me all you want!

peplum: I love the Etsy shop childHOODS. She customs makes everything, so you can choose your colors and size. I am definitely buying one of these peplum hoodies for my babe!

bows: Giddy Up and Grow makes the most creative and fun headbands and bows for little girls. I love this Aztec headband set!

mocassins: Knotty Tots on Etsy is a super cute baby moccasin maker. I love that she adds bows to them to really set them apart and add a touch of whimsy to them! These metallic ones are over the top cute! Plus, $5 from every purchase goes toward a charity that helps African orphans.

blanket: I absolutely love this soft blanket by Australian company Milk n Soda

bracelet: Love this personalized bracelet. Once baby is born you can personalize it with your baby’s name and birthdate.

Krystyna Winn is a stay at home mother of Saron, age 2.5 and is 31 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2. She curates the Instagram account @stylish_littles and is working on starting a children’s fashion blog this fall.


lately at night our family is too wound up…

too ready for summer…

the weather is just too nice NOT to head to the beach…

even if it is just to eat a pizza and let the crazy man jump in the waves for a minute.

those minutes make all the difference in the world.

we readjust. reenergize. refocus.

and head out for the rest of the week with renewed spirit.

1. zara green floral short /2. patagonia blue shorts / 3.h&m green geometric short / 4. toobydoo shorts

5. navy and yellow 6. navy and white 7. tommy hilfiger shorts


here are my 50 Mother’s Day gift ideas for under $50.

1. mint sandals 2. lounge pants 3. picnic basket 4. chevron earrings

5. washi tape – comes in hundreds of different patterns and colors for the crafter in your life.

6. smitten kitchen cookbook – from the author of one of my favorite food blogs. great recipes and pictures.

7. bamboo skimmer 8. crystal hair ties

9. make an arrangement of beautiful peonies and anemones

10. green dress 11. pattern garden tools 12. brass lipstick holder

13. a marble pedestal for serving their favorite foods in style.

14. wood and gold chevron box 15. vintage teal clock 16. state charm 17. mint nail polish

18. the flower recipe book – give this to your favorite flower loving mama. she will learn the art of modern floral arrangement while eyeing GORGEOUS photos.

19. gold doilies 20. stripe shirt  21. 1960′s vintage globe 22. chevron dishtowel 23. wood cutting board 24.  vintage stool 25. panama hat  26.  iPad stand 27. linoleum cut block trees print 28. iPhone cover 29. gold dipped bowl

30. naked eyeshadow palette – now in matte colors, great for women with mature eyes.

31. spotted pants 32.  make her a succulent terranium 33. YSL nail polish 34. classic Holga camera 35. boho tablecloth

36.  herbs wreath – keep their favorite herbs right at their finger tips

37. reusable grocery bag 38. striped beach towel

39. disposable break loaf trays – have a do-gooder in your life? she will love not having to ask for her loaf pan back after she drops bread to those in need.

40. Nars lipgloss 41. round sunglasses 42. metallic silver heels 43. color block maxi skirt

44. Herschel backpack – essential for any mama planning a trip to disneyland.

45. leopard back up battery for iPhone  46. chanel lip gloss 47. wood charger 48. ceramic crock 49. red braided belt 50. gold floral print

please note, if you purchase items from linking through my site, I may earn a small fee. nothing to pay for a college, more like enough to buy more diet coke to keep me up late  at night, creating more posts I hope you love.  I will always link to products that I really truly love or that I really truly would love to have.


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*** PLEASE note, the vest link was not correct. It has been corrected and you can link right to the product:) sorry about that.
its true. this polka dot chambray is soft and comfy and i pretty much could wear it everyday. no matter how long i have had it. with the weather warming up i will swap my denim jacket for the chambray every time.

polka dot shirt from j crew old but VERY similar here / military vest on sale NOW $76! / leopard belt old/ j brand jeans tears made with love by lots of use / wedges old from anthropologie but similar here / tory burch bag / vintage wood bracelets  from my mama’s closet  / marc jacobs sunnies


Stripes, soft fabrics and soft colors are three of my favorite things to dress on my kids and  Estella nails them all. I was so happy to discover this store and their very own brand. They sell everything from quirky smart brands like Dilascia to their own soft and snuggly Estella Organic (see below).

Hosting a baby shower this week put babies on my brain. Not babies of my own, but other peoples’ babies… in a completely normal way. I craved dressing my babies in one piece outfits in the softest fabric, all snuggly and comfortable.  They are ready for a day of  drifting in and out of sleep.

and the lounge pants? I think we have found our new Sunday morning threads.

what do you crave on your kids?


this DIY beach poncho is brought to you by the talent of my sister, a target towel and about 30 minutes.

the hus surfs. for years he did the whole towel around the waste thing. he wrapped the towel around his waist,  took off his boardshorts underneath, slipped the wet suit on under the towel, pulled the wetsuit up to his waist, removed towel and then finished dressing.

easy enough for a grown man. not so easy for a kid. doable, but not easy. the hus got a surf poncho a few years ago and when i saw these towels at Target this year i knew it was time to make some ponchos for my kids…

and when i say make it i mean, i get a vision, i call my mom or sister, tell them my vision and watch as they execute. after watching sister whip 3 of these out in an hour and a half i knew even i could do it.

they are great for the beach or pool or swim lessons.

our kids love wearing them home in the car from the beach. snuggly, soft perfection.

First, find towels with a pattern you love. we got three different patterns at target for under $15 each.

they are not available online but these would be really cool too. 1, 2

a basic beach towel is about 30″x 57″ and it has a finished edge, saving you a lot of time and much less sewing. this size works well for 6-8 year olds. you can adjust the length as you see fit.



collect your supplies


Take that really cute towel and fold it in half lengthwise, inside out. Then fold again widthwise, inside out.


Place a pin where the folds meet to mark the center of the head opening.

This head opening will be 8” (for a 10 year old the opening will be 10”, armhole 9”) .We placed pins on the horizontal fold 4” inches from the center . The opening will be a little wider when you trim the corners. (see photo below)

You don’t want the opening to be wider then their shoulders or it will slide off. So make the head opening wider then their head but more narrow then the shoulders. Measure if necessary.



Measure 8” down from folded edge down the length of the towel, marking with a pin. This is the armhole. Then measure from the bottom of the towel on each side–5” for size 4-6 , 12” for 10-12 and mark with a pin. This will be for a side slit on the bottom so they can move around while dressing and undressing.


Sew each side seam between the pins, backstitching each end of seam to secure threads. Basic 5/8” side seam. Trim loose threads.


Make a small cut at the pin marking the center of neck so you can cut from the center of the neck pin to the side of the neck pin.


Return to the center and make a small vertical incision about 3” long (this makes a small ‘V’ opening at the neck center front).


Return to the center and make a small vertical incision about 3” long (this makes a small ‘V’ opening at the neck center front).

STEP 10:

Next open the neck. Flatten the neck edging so you can see how to round out the neckline. Round the corners of the neck opening with scissors for ease in turning the edge, cutting the angles and making it round.

You can approach finishing the neck in three different ways.

1- fold the raw edge over and machine stitch (this is what we did)

2- use blanket binding, whatever is easier for you.

3. serge the raw edge.

STEP 11:

Turn edges of ‘V’ & sew first, then finish sewing the entire neckline. The neckline can be a little trickier so just take your time.

STEP 12:

Finish all the seams. Repeat turning and sewing the armholes and slits just as you did the neckline.


floral prints continue to be  a huge trend this season and come in every size and style…

here are some of my faves.


Gap romper


1. floral sweater 2. madewell tank 3. asos floral sunglasses 4. jcrew printed pants 5. floral ballet flats 6. one piece bathing suit

1. onesie 2. bib 3. bow tie 4. roxy shorts 5. one piece bathing suit 6. floral jeans 7. rainboot


remember this post, where i added a leather pocket to ello’s tee? and this one with his contrasting denim pocket? the contrast pocket trend keeps trucking along…check out these picks for summer.

contrast pocket teemint onesie/ neon stripe pocket / volcom green, try this similar one for $8/ ever after simple pocket tee /  stripe pocket onesie / camo pocket / red and blue stripe shirt , try this similar one for $7 /  polo /  black tank / blue and black stripe onesie


If you read my interview at Taylor Joelle, you know what spring trends for girls I am excited about.  When I took the pictures of Ruby at the beach for that article, she and I had this moment. This moment when she was looking at me and I was looking at her as she expressed her opinion about her clothing. I looked at her and thought,
“you are too old. or maybe she is too young?” of that, i am not yet sure. I just felt like I saw this shift from baby girl to big girl.

It was a moment when I thought, ” I get you. This is you and this is good.”

I will be posting on exactly what happened later, when I can think about it a little longer and really put it into words. For now I will leave you with my picks for girls this spring. Also, my own picks for spring for ME.

Easy, comfy, funky and fun.

1. neon crew cuts hoodie 2. dress by boy + girl 3. peek boy friend shorts 4. tribal harem pants by zara  5.jewled sandals by zara

1. i love to keep these in the car for those cool nights. They are the hoodies that look cute, last forever and if you buy a good color you can pass them down to the next kid.

2. i love this dress. i want this dress. i want her to wear it over the cutoff shorts when it is too short.

3. these are by far ruby’s favorite shorts. they are a great transition from school to the beach. her’s fit her a little long and slouchy, boyfriend style.

4. cannot wait to get these in the mail. so comfy and fun.

5. i love the fancy birkenstock vibe of these sandals.

Sooo….what’s on your list?

1. color block bag 2. color block tee 3. stacked bracelet 4. slouchy trousers 5. lace up heel

1. philip lim always does it right, i dream of this bag in my closet.

2. loving a more modern graphic nature in tees right now.

3. i cannot get enough of brightly colored and layered bracelets.

4. you will have to pry these off of me this spring.

5. i love the idea of lace up ties and open toes. these strike the perfect balance for spring.

please note, if you purchase items from linking through my site, I may earn a small fee. nothing to pay for a college, more like enough to buy a diet coke to keep me up late creating more posts. I will always link to products that I really truly love or that I really truly would love to have.

top 5 spring fashion picks

Hello. am i back? i don’t know. but so many friends have reached out to ask me what they need this spring so i am going to tell you the top spring basics i am jonesing for this season. lots of white, gray, textures in brown and distressed denim.

1. A white or off white blazer. need and want.

love the collar on this one from jcrew

i have this one from zara. i don’t love the silver buttons so i will be replacing them but at this price i feel a-okay about doing that.

2. Slubby Gray Tee– i will never get sick of a slubby gray tee.  this muscle one is great under the blazer to keep things nice and breezy. or this cult classic v-neck by rag and bone.

3. High Waisted Flares- preferably with some distressing:)

I love these by citizens of humanity because i have a very long torso and they rise nice and high.

but for you girls with a shorter waist, try madewell flea market flares. great price, with a 9 3/4 rise compared to the citizens 11″ rise. AND they are on sale right now.

4. Button Front Skirt- this white one is light, breezy with texture. perfect with a tee knotted at the waist.

5. Leather Sandals

i strongly encourage everyone to nab a pair of these cut out sandals. especially if you have dry heels. your welcome. the brown is not your ordinary brown. its not too orangey and goes with everything.

or for beach and pool days i am loving these black slides by free people

6. Straw Hat

love this cute little guy from gigi pip and such a great price

i have this one from madewell because its PACKABLE.


target is killing the lamp game right now with all this marble, wood and brass. i have been waiting for these beloved lamps that emily henderson debuted on her instagram to come out for a while now and maybe checking everyday for their arrival and today they are up online!

In addition to the killer prices if you spend $125 you can save $20 on select home items (many of these lamps included in that deal) and 10% more on home items when you use the code FURNITURE




i have a major weakness for bathing suits. my kids’ drawers are overflowing with them.  we are so excited the sun is back and need swimwear that can hold up to our constant adventures to the beach, pool, traveling and spraying each other on the trampoline with the hose (super safe and not at all white trash). we get plenty of use from our suits so it is important that they are good quality. we have found that our jcrew and billabong suits last the longest for girls while for boys we swear by rvca, volcom, billabong and oneill.

here are some of my faves this season…






i am now in the home stretch of this pregnancy with only 8 weeks left to go. the last thing i want is something tight on my bod. i have been wearing every loose, flowy dress i can get my hands on. Light and breezy caftans, muumuus and day dresses paired with sandals are my new maternity uniform. other then my vintage & etsy finds which you can read about here and here , this is where i am hunting them down on the web.