although i love a ballet flat it is nice to switch it up sometimes and  slippers are just the way to do it. also known as “smoking slippers” in the adult world the kids’ version can be found under a few  G-Rated names like “slippers” or “loafers” but most commonly are found under “flats”. which is so nondescript it leaves you combing through lots of really boring shoes to find the few hidden gems. no worries i have done the digging for you and found some great options to our loafer, slipper, flats conundrum. Doesn’t matter what you call it these shoes are great to add a little edge to your girl’s outfit and with all this 90′s revival business who doesn’t want a little edge?

1. blue loafer $69 2. round stud $63 3. ugg suede slipper $60 4. furry black slipper $52.99  5. cheetah slipper $69 6. zara red loafer $35.90  7. white tassel loafers on sale $46.99 / 8. zara cheetah loafer $49.90 / 9. fox slipper $16.94 10. black stud slipper $37.99

dont forget to check back on wednesday for our a great giveaway you are not going to want to miss. hope you make the cut;)