this weekend we had a wedding to go to. i got myself a new pair of shoes because really isn’t that all you need to make an old dress new again? it got me thinking how happy shoes make me and how they can transform an outfit in an instant. these are the shoes i got here. and here are a whole slew of shoes at great prices so you can transform your outfit, guilt free…
get some shoes. you will feel better. promise.

1. these are so bright and fun and that price?? are you kidding me. hillside tribe shoes $7.99 / 2. red hillside tribe shoes $7.99   3. crochet gladiator sandal $19.50  4. gray leather $21.05     5. boys crochet loafters $20 6. camo slip ons $14.99

Baby Mama: 7. dr. scholls (i am so ready for these to come back from 2000) $60  8. clogs $49  9. glitter sandals $35  10. brown leather sandals $39 11. american eagle crochet bootie $49 ( the perfect bootie for spring) $49  12. flatform (mama’s best friend) $51   13. pointy toe wedge $59   14. striped pointy flat $45

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