i never thought i would see the day when under $50 for a hat was a rad deal. never. aren’t all hats $24.99? somewhere along the line the price point of hats changed and shifted and what was once a cute little accessory has become an expensive accessory.

myes said to me this week, “mom, do you ever go outside without a hat on?” hmm. not really i guess. with that thought in mind, i realized mama can’t spend $60 bucks on every hat i own so i did some digging and unearthed some gems.

1.  tan wide brim fedora $38  2. Felt Slouch Fedora $39 / 3. Piacho Rancher $48 / 4. black cloche hat  $34 / 5.white panama hat $42 / 6. slub knit fedora $20 / 7. pink wide brim felt $38  8. Buckled Band Panama Hat $34 / 9. straw cowboy hat $18 /10. festival felt fedora $39 /