this mama style is about the peplum top. oh you don’t wear lace peplum tops with pointed leopard print shoes to school pick up? weird.

so maybe we should call this look, mama style…gurl’s night out.  if i was that cool, that is what i would call it.

we are  just gonna get right to it… i have a major problem area.  my muffin top. yes, myes, i just said that in a public forum. proud?

i am self conscience of my midsection, so i thought a body hugging shirt like this would not be a good option for me but i was wrong… the top hits just at the right spot to show off a small waist and flares out right over my “special spot”. lucky me. lace is going out on a limb for me, but paired with high waisted worn denim it takes that preciousness out of delicate lace. i love the idea of pairing the sweet top with tougher pieces. i got these stud earrings a  month ago and wear them nearly every day. if you are on my christmas list you will soon know what i am talking about. they are my item this year.

i have been obsessing over this outfit for a couple months and slowly collecting all the pieces.

for the chillier weather, that i am still waiting for here in southern california, here are some great layering options…

this tweed jacket

this cropped blazer

this military inspired jacket

and of course i would switch the velvet pants out for these jeans anytime.

so tell me? have you tried the peplum top yet? i have been eyeing them since spring but just took the plunge.

what would you pair yours with?