wether you are braving the amusement parks, setting up camp or hitting the museums i am breaking down what shoes to wear for this spring break. keep them stylish and comfy… and please leave those running shoes in your gym bag. you know what i am talking about. pointing at you. you can do better.

1. stud sneaker by Ash 2. green moccasins 3. yellow and tan tory burch 4. stud smoking slipper ( super comfy)5. nike with red swoosh 6. black and white sneaker 7. teal nike

part of me is still not ready to put my booties away. they are so comfortable and the perfect transition to spring. i am LOVING this boot.

i have been a tried and true fan of the chuck taylors. my red pair are my fave. when you feel like keeping it classic, simple and affordable. they are a go to. high top, low top, whatever they will never fail you.

this is how i do disneyland…

these babies with the gold hardware just might be perfection.