this week for mama beauty we are talking about how to wear bronzers in the winter.

bronzers can be really good way to liven up your winterized skin with a slight glow but can be a little intimidating if you haven’t tried  them before. the two things every girl wants to avoid is an ORANGE or a DIRTY looking face. below are some great bronzer options ranging from darker to lighter and shimmery to matte.

recently i looked in my bins (and bins) of make-up and realized something. i have tried 5 different bronzers in the last year. crazy? a little. but they all have their purpose.  so here is my break down for you. hopefully this will save you some time buying 5 different bronzers.

for a long time i used Nars in Laguna, like every beauty magazine recommended. i am happy enough with it during the summer months when my skin is a little darker  but i wanted something softer and withoutshimmer. a slight shimmer is fine with me in the summer months but it just doesn’t translate when it is overcast outside. also i don’t love the way the little specks creep into my fine lines and highlight them and make them yell “look at me! look at me!”. not good.

i got laura mercier in dune bronzer which is almost an identical color to Laguna, if not darker, but without shimmer.

“no, something softer, lighter and asher” i told myself. “its the fall. you are pale. those colors aren’t working anymore”.

enter Mac in Golden. Aww, ashier, pinker, prettier, but wait there are flecks of  SHIMMER, again. no thank you. (i do use it on my eyes quite often though).

finally my friend, and fellow freckle face,  gave me Hoola by benefit  and  i really like it, especially for the cooler months when my skin has faded a little. it is lighter, softer, ashier and MATTE.

another bronzer i like just as much but is just a pinch lighter is

too-faced in milk chocolate.

a real light matte bronzer and i have been real happy with that during these winter months.

and by winter i mean it is has been in the 50′s here in california and we are all bunkered down in the house.

so i got out some paper and my 5 compacts and made a little diagram for you.

which bronzer do you use?

1. nars 2. laura mercier 3. mac 4. benefit 5. too -faced

my bff and fellow beauty junkie loves this trio by fresh.

source: drop dead gorgeous daily

i like to watch step by step videos to help me with makeup application.

check out these links below:

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these gorgeous sisters got me hooked on youtube make up videos years ago.

here is their video on bronzers:

if i ever have a make-up question, i go to them first.

love this guy’s youtube channel. he is so straight forward and blunt.