i consider myself pretty lucky to live so close to LA and the beach. if you can bite the bullet and sit in LA traffic you are golden.

i get lots of city perks like downtown fabric stores such as Michael Levine and Mood.

and fantastic shopping like here and here.

but at the end of the day i can retreat right back to my quiet suburban oasis or the beach.

kind of perfect-ish.

a few weeks ago i got another perk when i visited  the California Market Center in LA  for the Kids on 6 trade show. this is an event where for four days showrooms open up their doors to buyers and the like to debut various children’s lines that are coming out for Spring/Summer 2013. i met some lovely people who embraced me and were very excited to tell me all about their lines. i learned about who the designers were, what their history was and who their target market is.  now i have been researching a lot of the products and been so inspired by their pieces and concepts.

i had two main objectives for my visit;  discover new labels and trend prediction.

i was introduced to some great lines. with the help of Alyson from Kids on 6 i got a press pass and toured the showrooms. there is  nothing quite like actually getting your hands on some of these clothes to discover what they are all about. i loved feeling them and seeing the colors and fabrics right in my grubby little palms.

max and bean  had great age appropriate layering pieces for tweens.

dino bebe completely stole my heart. this korean inspired brand is so modern and fresh.

i cannot wait to share their fur cap sleeved dresses in the fall. ok ok and their heart print sweaters and their apricot color palette for coats.

millions of colors for all kids with you guessed it, great colors.

nununu was a favorite of mine  for baby and boys especially. alternative and edgy style.

lilo tati for the most adorable bathing suits for girls. this line strikes the perfect cord between cute fabrics with modern cuts. the colors, the mixing and matching it is just really good. really really good. i mean the ruffle? come on.

find them here.

and these my friends are lady bugs. what a great new way to approach such a playful little creature.

for fancier pieces i loved the indian influence of  rayli kids.

how cute would this maxi skirt be for an easter outfit or wedding?

and i love the playfulness of this pom pom stole

it made me want to yell “bring on the summer!”

stay tuned for my post on upcoming trends. so glad neon is still here this season. woot woot.