How To Get Around As A Visitor In Sydney NSW

If you’re going to be visiting Sydney, Australia, you have many options for transportation. Whether you plan to get around by taxi, public transportation or a car rental Sydney is a convenient city where it’s quite easy to get around.

Car Rentals

You can easily secure a car rental at the airport or anywhere else within Sydney. If you’re new to Australia, you should keep in mind that you must drive on the left side of the road and that the steering wheel is on the right side of the vehicle. If you’re coming from Canada or another country where you’re accustomed to driving on the right side of the road, this will take some adjustment.

Another point that’s worth noting is that, outside of major cities such as Sydney, destinations are very spread out in Australia. So a trip to another or region could entail many hours or even days of driving.


If you’re arriving at Sydney Airport, you’ll find that there are many taxis available at all times. It takes approximately 30 minutes to get from the airport to downtown Sydney, with the average cost being between $30 and $35 in Australian dollars. You can negotiate with drivers for either a fixed fare or a metered ride. Either way, be sure to agree on the price or to use a meter before starting the ride.

Another option that’s now available in Sydney is Uber. This is a convenient way to get around the city and is cheaper than taxis. You just have to download the app for Uber in Sydney and you can order your rides by phone and not worry about having to carry cash on hand.

Pubic Transportation

Some people prefer public transporation, both to save money and to experience city life the way locals do. Sydney has a variety of options, including buses, trains and ferries. There are trains to take you to major stations such as St. James, Kings Cross, Museum and Central. Trains are also useful for getting to suburbs such as Bondi Junction, which is popular for its beautiful beach.

Sydney also has light rail for shorter distances as well as buses. Unlike buses in many other large cities, you have to buy a ticket ahead of time to board most Sydney buses. Ferries are also a fun way to get around, and give you the chance to see Sydney from the water and to visit places such as Rose Bay, Baimain and Taronga Zoo.

If you plan to use public transportation in Sydney, the most convenient option is to get an Opal Card, which you can load as needed and use on all the city’s trains, buses and ferries.