how to add a pocket to a tee…

so ello got a hole in his shirt. i was lucky because it was right on his chest. i decided to cover that baby up with a little leather…but you have to pronounce it leathaaaa…

it was so easy…like took me 10 minutes type easy.

here is the hole.. you know the kind. you have no idea how randomly they got there but yes indeed they ruin the shirt.

Step 1: i took one of his existing pocket tees and measured the size and placement of the pocket.

Step 2: cut out my pocket out of leather and snipped the edges to look like a traditional pocket.

Step 3: hot glued the backside of the leather, slightly inward from the outer edge so i could add stitching later and not have to sew through the glue.

Step 4: turn over the pocket adhere to t-shirt. allow to cool.

I think it looks great just like this but just to add a little something else i then took some embroidery floss and sewed a few x’s through the leather to secure the pocket to the shirt. and we are done!

Don’t think you have to have a hole to add a cool leather pocket to your kiddos clothes. try it just to freshen up an old plain tee.

do you still mend or do you throw the shirt out?