ello and i hung around the house this last week. literally hung. and jumped. and roared. and even flew.

he is grumpy. always. and always hungry. the average breakfast for this boy would be a scrambled eggs, banana and peach yogurt. an hour later he will ask for another banana and yogurt.

i am not sure how he is so little. maybe it is all the jumping and flying around he does. regardless, he remains little. his shorts here are cinched all the way, size 2T.

i haven’t bought gap shorts for boys for a couple of years because they look like they need to be ironed when they are out of the wash and i am just not going to do that. the pockets always get a little wonky.

they had a great selection of colors this spring so i decided to give it another go.

i do however always love their v-necks. so the baby ello got a few of those. thanks friends and family.