there are many ways to approach the gift giving season. one of my sister in laws adopted the “something you want, something you need, something you read” idea this year, which i love. we usually do something you wear, something WE share, something you want and somewhere we go. this means, an outfit, something that encourages us to all be together (like #5), a toy or game and my hus looooves to give a trip that we all take together.  here are some of my favorites this year.

1.Public balance bike: Ello got a balance bike over a year ago and it was the best purchase ever. he zooms around so fast on it that now he is graduating to a big guy bike. IF you have a little one ages 2-4 you have to get them one and now the amazing company PUBLIC has released their own version and they are on sale right now. get one. fast.

2. Fairy House Kit: we talked about this last year. i loved putting these together with ruby and watching her rearrange and check on her fairies each day.

3. Fancy Bobbi Pins: perfectly adorable stocking stuffer and 30% off right now!

4. Ribbon Twirler: you know on Christmas morning where you open that one cheap gift and you can’t put it down all day? that is this one.

5. our favorite restaurant has these giant jenga blocks that we LOVE playing when we go there. I found them on amazon.

6. I would love this swing, but it is sold out and pretty expensive. I hope the hus will make us a simple version.

7. Picasso Tiles: These tiles are expensive, yes, but my kids are obsessed with them. Our dear friends have a million of them and i can’t get my 9, 6 or 4 year old away from them. Worth it.

1. mini public bike for kids $99 / 2. fairy house kit $45 /3. fancy bobbi pins $22 / 4. ribbon twirler $8.95 / picasso tiles $99 / giant jenga $139 /   multiplication table $49 / DIY indoor swing like this boho version /

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