i am loving the 90′s revival we are having right now. in all the “smells like teen spirit” types of ways. cardigans, overalls,  tiny florals printed on black and doc martins. remember the floral printed shoes in thispost?

i love that shay borrowed this shirt from her brother. you know how i feel about the boys section, dreamy.

how i wish i could swoosh back to the days of overall appropriateness and nestle my body right in between those two brass buckles.

ahhh, so comfy.

they never failed.

big pockets you keep your keys and frosty lipgloss in.

so happy for you girls of 2013. so happy. enjoy. soon you cannot wear them, like past the age of 24.

check your closets for the shirt or try here or here / overalls from gap kids, not available online / boots


so this is my boy. myes. the man behind the blog name, so to speak. i knew it would take me weeks to write a post about him because my feelings for him are so deep and so complex and so completely overflowing with all the deepness and the complexity of it all.

he has my heart entirely. swallowed up and sometimes crushed in his little (kinda-still-chubby-there-are- remnants-of-a-toddler) hands. however, these hands now smell like a kid that plays on the big kid playground. the playground that smells like metal monkey bars and rubber handballs and sweaty boyhood as opposed to baby waken up from his nap sweaty head type.

this is the boy with the strawberry blonde hair, which he calls “orange”.

the boy that i look forward to reading our latest “big kid book” to night after night, so we can fall in love with characters together.

the boy that when i am dying for a connection to him, dying to tap into that little brain behind that round face, dying to make his world perfect and okay and comfortable and safe and fun, all i need do is sit down next to him with some paper and markers and we melt into a world that is all ours.

the boy that never raises his voice to his baby brother. all the patience he lacks for me is available to his little toe-head shadow, exactly where it should be.

he is a boy full of contradictions and surprises. he rides bikes and motorcycles but hates driving on the freeway he wake boards and skateboards but is paralyzed by walking across the bridge on the park’s play place.  he gets embarrassed to kiss me good-bye at school but is my best snuggler.

i could suck his freckle face off.

the remnants of his lazy eye. his adorable baby teeth that are holding strong as ever.  stubborn, difficult, creative, sweet and defiant,  every last piece of this boy i love. .

he is my myes.

he worked really hard in school to earn this penny board. he had to get one just like his two older cousins (ages 14 and 12). he practices on it everyday after school and then replaces it back in my car in case we go anywhere he would want to ride it.

and then, he worked for these shoes…because like i said he is a shoe guy…like most six year old boys right?



this week for tween style my mind has been on printed denim…

try pattern jeans with a bright solid sweater pullover, denim shirt or stripe t-shirt, or layer all three or  go for a really really tight striped purple and orange cardigan like the missy did here.

its official this cardigan is too small for her, but she was gonna squeeeze her cute little arms in there if it killed her. but can you blame her? i mean purple and orange stripes? but farewell favorite cardigan. you went with so many many things. we will miss you but we have to move on now. RIP.

if you are having trouble mixing prints try varied scales of pattern like a small flower with wide stripes.

and this is my little animal rights activist, checking on one of her three rescued desert tortoises.

aka best pets ever.

things i love about printed denim…

there is a pattern for everyone from sweet polka dots to grunge floral.

its a great way to mix up her plain old denim routine.

they come in every price range.

polka dot jean ( similar under $30) / mocassin bootie / denim shirt / pink hi-tops/  yellow sweater / burgandy boots (these are a women’s size, starting at 5, for a similar option in smaller sizes check hereand here and here ) /  striped floral t-shirt

you can find similar leopard print jeans here and here and here.
the green swiss dot comes in many more colors
i love the idea of unicorns to whimsify the whole horse trend.
how does your girl wear the printed denim?