beauty products, for very dry and acne prone skin, that are changing my life.

i am much better about sharing the beauty products i love through my instagram. its easy to take quick snap while i am getting ready and share it real quick. several people have asked me to branch out a little more from just children’s clothing to my beauty finds and some more mama style which i have coming very soon with some really neat women.

i will be listening. follow me on insta for beauty finds but check her as well because i will be posting on products i am trying out as often as i can.

infomercial time. kidding. kind of.

i have been having a big problem lately and knew i needed to go to the dermatologist. i kept breaking out on my chin. like prepubescent (best word ever), give me metal braces and roller skates type break outs.

i finally put on my big girl undies and went to a real legit dermatologist, for some real legit skin care advice. there are a few things i love about my derm.  She doesn’t try to sell me, doesn’t make me feel toooo badly about the sun damage i did in my youth and has never once recommended an anti -aging product without my expressed concern. she has a very clinical approach. i go to another esthetician for facials and pampering when the mood strikes.

going to her office fresh faced she took a look at me and said the A – Word.  Acne. what, but i am 32, how do i have acne now? she told me many people get acne in their adult years. YESSSS. just another amazing thing about adulthood. she prescribed me an acne cream that i use every other day for my breakouts. due to the dry nature of my skin, i generally only use it on my chin or other places that feel need it. be sure to get a coupon online or from your derm… its spency!! i think mine was knocked down from like $200 to $30 from the coupon and my insurance.

now, onto the dark spots. no, not my freckles, i like those, the other dark spots.

i thought they were from picking. i thought they were scars.  i will put this on my life i will never stop picking my face. i don’t care what you say to me. i would rather have a scar then whitehead. it is beyond me. gasps from the crowd.  i know. i know. it is a compulsion i can’t stop so don’t even give me the no picking lecture.  on a guilty pleasure side note, have you ever searched “blackheads” on YouTube? do it if you are a picker. you will literally have nightmares and never stop thinking about it, but secretly kind of love it in a sick twisted fascination.

when i showed my derm my “scars” she said, “those are age spots.”

RAD… so i use this and i live and die by it and its amazing and if you have read my blog for a while you know how i feel about this. so i will leave it at that. too expensive? try this stuff. its great but the smell is a little off putting to me.


she suggested this elta md spf sunscreen which goes on quick and disappears. i use it on my face, neck, chest and hands…always the hands. the zinc is invisible so NO weird white stuff… especially great for pictures.

this is a great moisturizer at a great price. it is what my doctor uses. it does not have enough moisture for me most days so i have added this baby…

i am usually VERY dry. i use this. it smells weird. i like it better then, dare i say, Le Mer?  now, if  i didn’t have such die hard dry skin i wouldn’t spend so much. i have probably tried 40 different lotions, no lie, and this i am actually liking the best so far… we are 8 weeks in and i wake up with skin that is soft, not dry and tight…big deal for me.

in addition i have cut way back on my caffeine intake and upped my water consumption.


i love to try new lipsticks in all colors but when it comes down to my day to day color… i have a bit of a NUDE LIPSTICK hoarding issue.

i decided to narrow it down to my favorite 10 and then my all time top 3 colors…and then i will obsessively explain how i justify my issue.

have you been to space nk? i stumbled upon it quite literally while in santa barbara with my sister in law. it is like a really fancy beauty product store with all the fancy names you cannot pronounce and don’t want to try because they look spency… BUT here is what sucks you in…the sales lady. she was the sweetest, most helpful and didn’t make you feel dumb at all for not knowing these european brands. in fact she gave us tips and tricks and samples all over the store. needless to say our “running to the grocery store” trip took much longer then expected.

she told us the best way to find your nude color is to hold up your ring finger and the lipstick side by side. they should be closely matching in color. boom! love a little nugget like that.

Nars Buenoes Aires / Revlon Honey Bare / Nars Honolulu Honey / Rimmel Nude Delight / Hourglass Nude No. 4 / Bobbie Brown Beige / Milani Nude Creme / Tom Ford Spanish Pink / YSL pink beige / Tom Ford Sable Smoke

I slipped one more into this shot, Loreal Fairest Nude. to the right of Bobbie Brown.

so which are at the top of my list?  i find myself reaching for these two the most:

Nars Honolulu Honey – I love this one so much because it is a little peachy. i find myself constantly swirling it on my cheeks to freshen up mid day.

Tom Ford Sable Smoke & Spanish Pink – I know it is expensive. it is and it is very similar to Bobbi Brown and Hourglass. However, Tom Fords lipsticks stay on so much longer then most, like mine usually last 4-6 hours. and the texture is just dreamy. dreamy i tell you. they are hard to find though. i almost always order online because they are sold out in the store every time. I love Bobbi Brown and use it often but if i want a lipstick work horse, its Tom Ford. so if lipstick is in the budget, i go with Mr. Ford, if not i have 9 other lovely options available. justification complete.


the leaves have finally changed and fallen here in southern california and i dare say we have seen clouds all week! yay! who doesn’t love this time of year? you have to. or you will be deported. sorry about it. this weather makes ya want to get all cozy and make some grilled cheese and tomato soup and wrap yourself up in a sweater, so that is just what i did. when i saw this wrap jacket i knew we were meant to snuggle up together on one of the aforementioned fall days. it is the perfect balance of polished and laid back. i have worn it several times already, after buying it last week, and each time i am pleasantly surprised at its versatility.

i wrapped myself in my sweater with my favorite denim shirt (that the hus absolutely hates but thats okay) which is thread barren and sprinkled with holes while making grilled cheese and tomato soup. i kept my eye on the crazies outside, in tank tops and shorts building forts under the trampoline.

wrap sweater $59 / denim shirt $69 / hudson GMJ jeans (unavailable) / shoes (on sale $109) / necklace by the shine project (proceeds go towards employing at risk high school students pay for college)

as i said, i have worn this number several times. here are the other two ways i have worn it: with my most favorite long top shop tee (more details on the best top shop tees here. i have convinced every girlfriend and sister i have to get not one but two of these babies), thick jcrew leggings and ankle boots. then when i switch out of mama mode into the hus’ girlfriend i wore it with a fitted tipi sweater (another absolute staple in my closet) and a leather skirt. boom, versatility at its finest.



falling into gap kids for fall…

what goodies did you scoop up from the gap friends and family sale this weekend? this is the time when i stock up on pants and pj’s for the kids… the things i hate paying full price for. Today things are STILL 30% off when you use the code HAPPY, so get there if you didn’t already.

Gap is having a Little House on the Praire moment and it is resulting in the sweetest little florals and coolest utilitarian shirts for boys at killer prices. ruby won’t wear these florals because she says “they don’t look like a hippie would wear them.” but they are adorable none the less and if i had another daughter i would be reliving my Little House on the Prairie dreams.

and should we talk about the collab with kate spade? i am especially loving the tablet covers for stocking stuffers.

On Ruby:

fair isle cardigan / plaid skirt / cream lace shirt – perfect for layering with juuuust enough lace to make it boho enough for missy james / t strap shoes – the  rad deal i found here: loved these over at jcrew for $128, but loved them even more at zara for $36 whoohoo been waiting for an affordable pair for quite some time.

On the Boys:

collar shirt / cords / cardigan/ suspenders / bow tie