New Years Junkie. That is what i have called myself. each year i set a bunch of goals i usually don’t keep and so on. this year, i changed my mind.  this year i did not have any goals in mind to inevitably forget that i set. this year i wanted to keep it simple and attainable so after some good thinking i came up with a few what i deem achievable goals.

1. Figure out how to wake up looking glowy and angelic in the morning. this goes hand in hand with my “find a pretty laugh and pretty cry face of 2011″. failed. ahh blast.  in my defense i would like to wake up looking fly for the welfare of my fellow housemates. if i had to wake up to me every morning i would be a little cranky in the mornings too. it’s scary.

2. get a coffee table.

3. order my children a photo album so they have some documentation of their childhood existence and my future children-in-laws can be super impressed when they unwrap said album at their wedding showers. “aww what a loving uber organized mom,” is the reaction i am going for.

so we are working on No. 1, wait for some really great upcoming beauty posts!! in the meantime, lets talk about No.2 …

we walked in our home one night after a day of holiday festivities took a look at our front room  and said, “its time.” our entire front room consisted of hand me downs from friends and family with the exception of a kelly green cabinet we got for $129 our first year of marriage and i agonized over it for days.

now my husband had an agenda the whole time, lucky for me i stock up my agendas for months and months so when he throws one of his ideas out there I am quickly prepared with my counter agenda in hand.  i already had these sofas, this credenza and this dining table on my list for over a year. patience my friends. i should have known i would pay for my furniture obsessions to the tune of a big, giant, black gaping tv screen hung right over the mantel in my newly furnished living room. its horrible. horrible. BUT i have some really dreamy furniture to distract my eye from the monstrosity so we are good.

i saw these beauties at anthropologie and fell in love about a year ago. however, light blue would never fly with my little nuggets. after talking to the people at anthropologie about other possible fabric options, or lack thereof,  i  hired a local upholstery shop to recreate these sofas in a better color for us. it is a kind of dark cobalt, navy type combination in linen. we have loved reviving this room, getting rid of all our hand me down furniture that used to occupy this space and look for new options. to complete the look here are the other items on my radar once he is ready for another compromise.

a lot still needs to be added and subtracted to complete this room and here is what is on my next agenda:)

My eyes need a bit of a rest from all the geometric patterns over the last few years and i am craving texture and softness over graphic prints. soothing i tell ya. watercolor, dip dyed, pastels, tapestries, vintage worn rugs, fur and yarn are all trends that are calling my name.
what trends are you loving for 2015? and stay tuned for some very exciting news and where i have been.