best looking beach umbrellas…

i, along with some of my friends, have my  beach “spots”. i have my “hanging with mom friends” spot, my “the husband will come and surf after work so there better be waves” spot, my ” i hope i don’t see anyone” spot, my “good waves for beginners” spot and of course my  ”right on the beach outside sisters’ house” spot. these spots are all at different beaches and all serve a specific purpose to suite my mood.

so how, i ask, does one differentiate for her children where their “family spot” is without an indicator? some type of signal? some sign in the sand that tells my little angels where they can safely return to “mama’s spot”, the barer of all bbq chips and juice boxes. as a child nothing struck more fear into my soul (other then getting lost in a fabric store) then looking up from playing in the waves to scan the beach for my family’s spot, only to NOT be able to find it.  the waves inevitably and unknowingly dragged me down the beach and when i would looked up i was no longer right in front of “mama’s spot” anymore. frantically i would look around until i could find her umbrella in the distance. then i would get out of the water, run all the way down the beach until i was right in front of her spot again and continue to jump in the waves.

i too have been guilty of buying the same umbrella from the same warehouse store that we all go to, but i have now convinced myself that it is a “safety issue” to NOT have an umbrella that stands out on the beach. therefore i rounded up some of my favorites that my kids can easily seek out to find “my spot” and i am not lost in a sea of warehouse umbrellas.  now that we have taken it out of the realm of mere beach gear and turned the umbrella into a safety issue, protecting our children and selves from the harmful rays of cancer causing sun and preventing our children from being lost, wondering aimlessly and scared across the beach, doesn’t it justify more of our budget?

kaleidoscope umbrella by basil bangs $239 / blue graphic by sunny life $79 /red and navy zig zag $79 /  blue chevron by world market $16 /  black and white stripe volcom  $34 / yellow stripe umbrella $149

how i wish i can justify the umbrellas by basil bangs or the gorgeous fringed beauties of the kerry cassill because i mean… these umbrellas are THAT good. perfection.


hey guys! instead of monday rad deals, today we have sunday rad deals. there are so many great deals going on this weekend for Columbus day and I don’t want you to miss out on this action.

here is what i am jonesing for and saving some pretty pennies on this week.

so jcrew is having this sales event all weekend long, hurry it ends today and this isn’t their normal sale 30% off REGULAR priced items and 40% off final sale!!

here are some of my favorite pieces to scoop up!

tee pee baby set / i have been obsessing over camel for fall and until i find my perfect camel coat that makes sense for California I love adding pieces like this to my fall wardrobe camel tipped tunic sweater

you know i love me some madewell. right now enjoy 30% off seleect styles. like this amazing patch sweatshirt. Use code OHFALL

and because everyone needs a liiiittle burgandy in their fall wardrobe this cardigan is only $49.99…

want to get a jump start on your holiday baking and shopping?? Williams – Sonoma is taking 20% off by entering SAVE20 all sorts of goodies from stand mixers to oil and vinegar. I am super excited about this action. 7 years ago i bought this knife and it was worth EVERY PENNY! I use it for everything. EVERYTHING.

want to know my greatest deal secret of ALL for everyday. mint arrow. Corrine is like the prettiest, dreamiest girl alive and has the scoop on sales everyday. trust me. you will love her!! sign up for her email and follow her on IG. She does not disappoint. Don’t you just love someone who is just as great as you want them to be in person? me too.



sneakers are having a major moment and i couldn’t be happier to see this trend continue.

here are some of our top sneakers for kids and women this fall…

1. black and gold stud slip ons 2.  worn chambray leopard vans  3. nike air max  4.  hi top daisy vans  5. red pumas 6.  leopard leather vans hi tops   7.  gray and red reebok   8.  stan smith for adidas  9.  red white and blue nike  10.  retro nike jordans ( i almost killed for these jordans in 3rd grade but my feet were too small and i had to settle for LA GEAR:(  11.  gray adidas seely 12. herringbone and camo vans

and here are the sneaks i can’t wait to get my hands on…

1. army green hi top vans 2.  leopard print hi top chucks 3.  hi top leather zip up vans   4. nike pre montreal racer for women  5. reebok runners  6. new balance tri colored   7.  black platform sneakers  8.  shell toe adidas 9. blue gazelle adidas for women   10. stan smith adidas