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  • How to Keep Costs Low When Giving Christmas Gift Baskets

    One of the most common concerns shoppers have when buying holiday gifts is the cost, and you may be wondering how you can give thoughtful Christmas gift baskets Canada on a dime. After all, you have many other expenses to contend with this season, such as holiday travel expenses, home décor expenses and countless other gifts to buy for others. The good news is that you can masterfully create gorgeous holiday gift baskets that those on your gift giving list will love when you follow a few helpful tips.

    Select Your Basket Theme With Care
    There are numerous themes that you can choose to use when creating Christmas gift baskets. These range from everything from barbecue gift sets to golfing gift baskets for men to spa day baskets and cooking gift baskets for the women. Some basket ideas are far more affordable to implement than others. A smart idea is to delve deeper into each theme you can come up with by brainstorming gift ideas that you may place in the baskets and pricing those gifts. Through this additional step, you will be able to determine which holiday gift basket ideas may be more affordable to create.

    Make the Basket One of the Gifts
    Another great way to save money on your gift basket is to choose your basket with care. The basket itself can be one of the gifts. For example, you can use a large soup mug or mixing bowl as the container for a hot cocoa basket or a cooking basket. Slippers can be used to store items for as spa day package. A popcorn bowl can be used for a family movie night basket. These are only some of the creative ways that you can make the basket a useful part of the gift. This eliminates the need to add additional cost to your gift by selecting a basket that may never be used again.

    Deliver Your Basket in Person
    While there are costs associated with creating the package or basket, there are also costs associated with delivering or shipping gift baskets. When possible, it may be best to personally deliver Christmas gift baskets. This creates a more personalized experience for the recipient, and you get the satisfaction of seeing your gifts light up the face of the recipient. More than that, you can save money by eliminating shipping and delivery costs.

    Christmas gift baskets are a wonderful option for many people on your gift giving list this year, and there are countless themes to consider. As you explore the basket ideas, consider how these tips can each be implemented to help you save money on your basket purchases. For additional info, visit Boodles of Baskets and learn more from their online references.

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    lake powell part 1 previous post…

    wondering what the rest of us were up to on our lake powell trip?

    I have been doing a lot of thinking. A lot of soul searching lately. It is something I look forward to doing at Lake Powell. When I know a trip to the lake is drawing near I secretly hide away ideas, topics and feelings that I want to explore while in the tranquil environment of the lake. While surrounded by the  beauty  of the red rocks and green water, while my kids need very little from me, while my phone and email and instagram are not working and I am tuned into my soul. I stop. I think.

    I act as more of a food and sunscreen station for my children. They stop in every hour or so for refreshers and then move on to much more exciting activities.

    so as i sit in a well of self reflection, I open up that secret hiding spot and unleash the things that have been weighing on my heart and mind. I take the time to look around and think. Where am i headed? How are things going? What are my happy points? What keeps me motivated? What is driving what I do? And then I repeat each question for each of my children.

    Since I was a little girl I have always become introspective at Lake Powell. I remember bouncing around on the boat in a storm and questioning my faith in God. If I was going down on this vessel how would I meet my maker? Who was my maker? Later in my teenage years I would think about boyfriends and friendships and my next school year that loomed only weeks away. Now the lake is a place where I think about my children, my marriage, my faith, my family, my personal life.

    in these moment on the lake I thought a lot about this blog and what it represents not only to me but to my audience, you dear souls.  I am still trying to figure out my voice.  What do my readers like the most? Do you like hearing about my personal life?  Or do you think, “shut up and show us some clothes woman?”  This little pond of self reflection in my brain is an odd place to be, although I think every blogger I know has faced it in their  mind too, a place where you have to really take a good look at yourself and what makes you authentic and real.  How does one do this without being called narcissistic or self indulgent? I guess for me because this blog is all about balance. I think mostly about my readers, my audience and what you come here to find, however, I must be authentic and genuine to my own soul at the same time.  Sometimes that means adding a personal touch to my posts… and showing an authenticity that is not always found in the fashion world. This outlet has been such a creative blessing for me. I find such peace and excitement in working on The Blue Closet as it fulfills all of my creative and mental needs. Photography, graphic design, fashion, my family, my children, my life all rolled into one place that represents how we live. So you want to know what I did, I hid under a hat, sunglasses and 100 SPF with my toes dug into the red sand and a book in my hand watching my kids enjoy something I enjoyed so much as a kid. Oh and I though a lot, did I mention that?

    what was the rest of the group up to? shenanigans i tell you. pure crazy shenanigans. just how we like it.

    We started our trip in a little city in Utah called St. George. My best friend text me while I was there and said “I had no idea you were going to spend 3 days in St. George. What in the Lord’s name does one do in St. George for 3 days.”  I laughed out loud. St. George is the perfect place for Californians to stop on their way to Lake Powell. Only 2 hours past Las Vegas it has gorgeous red rocks but more importantly some of my husband’s best friends. We caught up with them and their darling brood of boys. We swam at our hotel pool. We ate continental breakfast, jumped on the beds, got our nails done, went to Costco, saw a movie… nothing groud breaking but so so fun because it is just you and your kids and you are making your own choices and feeling very grown up.

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    best looking beach umbrellas…

    i, along with some of my friends, have my  beach “spots”. i have my “hanging with mom friends” spot, my “the husband will come and surf after work so there better be waves” spot, my ” i hope i don’t see anyone” spot, my “good waves for beginners” spot and of course my  ”right on the beach outside sisters’ house” spot. these spots are all at different beaches and all serve a specific purpose to suite my mood.

    so how, i ask, does one differentiate for her children where their “family spot” is without an indicator? some type of signal? some sign in the sand that tells my little angels where they can safely return to “mama’s spot”, the barer of all bbq chips and juice boxes. as a child nothing struck more fear into my soul (other then getting lost in a fabric store) then looking up from playing in the waves to scan the beach for my family’s spot, only to NOT be able to find it.  the waves inevitably and unknowingly dragged me down the beach and when i would looked up i was no longer right in front of “mama’s spot” anymore. frantically i would look around until i could find her umbrella in the distance. then i would get out of the water, run all the way down the beach until i was right in front of her spot again and continue to jump in the waves.

    i too have been guilty of buying the same umbrella from the same warehouse store that we all go to, but i have now convinced myself that it is a “safety issue” to NOT have an umbrella that stands out on the beach. therefore i rounded up some of my favorites that my kids can easily seek out to find “my spot” and i am not lost in a sea of warehouse umbrellas.  now that we have taken it out of the realm of mere beach gear and turned the umbrella into a safety issue, protecting our children and selves from the harmful rays of cancer causing sun and preventing our children from being lost, wondering aimlessly and scared across the beach, doesn’t it justify more of our budget?

    kaleidoscope umbrella by basil bangs $239 / blue graphic by sunny life $79 /red and navy zig zag $79 /  blue chevron by world market $16 /  black and white stripe volcom  $34 / yellow stripe umbrella $149

    how i wish i can justify the umbrellas by basil bangs or the gorgeous fringed beauties of the kerry cassill because i mean… these umbrellas are THAT good. perfection.

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    i love putting together boxes of my favorite things for baby gifts. my dear friend  had a girl and this is the box i am sending to the sweet new dumplin. i have been collecting my faves for months:)

    do you have friend you don’t see often but every time you talk not one thing has changed? you still laugh at the same things? you still feel the same way? this is that friend. extra special to me. xoxo

    these are the bows i keep a stash of just in case someone has a baby. my friends expect one from me now:)

    one life jewelry, a little something for mama


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    target is killing the lamp game right now with all this marble, wood and brass. i have been waiting for these beloved lamps that emily henderson debuted on her instagram to come out for a while now and maybe checking everyday for their arrival and today they are up online!

    In addition to the killer prices if you spend $125 you can save $20 on select home items (many of these lamps included in that deal) and 10% more on home items when you use the code FURNITURE