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  • Situations That Require Junk Removal

    Some projects are already difficult enough. You don’t need to add to your stresses and labors by having to clean up a massive mess, as well. Some companies exist with the sole purpose of providing you with junk removal services. They provide a myriad of services such as garbage bin placement, dumpster rental sand the like. Such companies can send certified specialists out to remove debris such as building materials, electronics, furniture, copiers, restaurant equipment, car parts, pipes, ovens, bikes and much more. You can find a removal team for just about anything, so there is no excuse for putting the work on yourself. The following are some situation where such services would be helpful for you:

    Home Renovations

    You may have some home renovations that you need to perform by yourself or with the help of a small “family and friends” crew. In that case, you may want to secure a dumpster rental so that you can place all of the debris in it. Specialists can come and remove your dumpster once you are done with your project and fill it. Your home renovation can be a nice, neat adventure for you and your family. If you retain reliable services, you may just have energy left to go out and celebrate afterward.

    Construction Jobs

    Construction sites are some of the most common areas for destruction, so they commonly need removal services. Garbage bins are available so that your workers can maintain a clean area at all times. Having all of the junk removed will enable your workers to put all of their energy into the project at hand. Securing such services is a wise decision for you to make. It can save you money that you may have otherwise had to spend on additional labor.

    Moving the Home or Office

    Nothing is quite as taxing as moving your home or office is. What you may want to do is contact a removal company to come in to help you on moving day. It could relieve a lot of the pressure that gets put on home and business owners.

    How to Get Your Junk Removed

    You can schedule some service from a removal by contacting JunkIt. Most companies have a toll-free number that they use for people who need to contact them. You may also be able to send in your request by completing a short form. All you need to do is ask for assistance, and someone will give you a quote for what you need. If you agree with the quote, the specialists will come to your home and perform the job for you. You can schedule daily, weekly or monthly visits if you need them, as well.

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    classic stripes with boyfriends jeans are one of my favorite style staples in any wardrobe. the refinement of the black and white stripes and ladylike peplum coupled with the distressed boyfriend jeans never gets old to me and makes such an interesting look.

    recently i had reader question about styles that work well for heavy set children. i have to say the peplum top is one of my favorites for trimming in a tummy while providing comfort and great design detail. the skirt of the shirt seems to cut a tummy right where needed and provides roominess over the largest part of the belly while letting the little ones run and play freely. for another favorite of mine for heavy set girls, check out my round up of midi shorts.

    we love these gap jeans. after looking at several tutorials i followed this DIY from Free People to get the look we wanted. I might be hooked on destressing jeans now though. I am working on pair number two this week and i think these babies are only going to get better with time.

    look for the peplum top from crew cuts here and the flats are old from target.

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    as you know we are a girl malnourished family. with seventeen (yes i said it) cousins on my side of the family there are only FIVE girls (feels so good to say that, just last week my sister adopted her two year old  girl foster child. more on that to come. yay gracie! we upped our numbers) and out of the thirteen cousins on the hus’ side there are only THREE girls. it is no wonder why camping and surfing and dirt bikes are part of our family fun rotation.  but what we lack in numbers we make up for pure, girly raddness. enter ruby’s two nine year old BFF’s, Saylor (which she calls Sayla) and Emma Jane.

    they are fun loving and silly and thoughtful, kind and smart and creative. they treat ruby as though she always belongs with them in their little tween huddle. they give her parts in their dances and laugh when she makes them play hide and seek in the confounds of her four bedroom walls, talk about creative.

    if ruby is not gonna get a sister of her own these two definitely make up for it.  what could warm a mama’s heart more then hearing her  daughter name all her girl cousins when you ask who her best friends are? nothin it tell ya. we couldn’t have asked for better examples to our little one.

    c/o forever 21 girls pink ringer tee / c/o floral dress sold out but similar here and i love this romper too

    white lace top / blue floral jeans (sold out but very similar here)

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    military vest / distressed jeans / mlb hat / chambray shirt / arrow necklace / converse / gold sandals

    as i said in my this post dodger hats are mandatory in this house.

    it has literally become my favorite accessory.

    especially when worn with unexpected twists like this winter when i wore this to a clippers game.
    chambray shirt / leather jacket  and another good one here/ fur vest (have to wait until fall again for a good one) / leggings / hat / bag / boots

    okay now bare with me. you have to wear the layers accordingly or you are seriously encroaching on biker chick territory. be careful. this chambray shirt hangs longer in the back, making it appropriate for lady like myself to wear with “liquid leggings”.  yep, i said it, “liquid leggings”. completely doable peeps. then when you add the leather jacket you have the peekaboo of the denim shirt dividing the leggings from the leather and you are gold.  the effect of the leather sleeves through the vest is rad. just plain R-A-D.

    and i also mixed this same outfit up like this, adding a black blazer in exchange for the leather jacket.

    many of you have been asking me for my own outfits and as i work up the courage to do real nice selfies i will leave you with these iphone photos for now. forgive me.

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    eight of the best, most adorable swimsuits for babies

    gap mint dot / anchor hat / floral swim bloomers / palm suit / orange animal print / navy button ruffle suit/ mini rodini stripe / chambray hat / purple floral suit / orange two piece suit

    please note, if you purchase items by linking through my site, I may earn a small fee. nothing to pay for a college, more like enough to buy more diet coke to keep me up late  at night, creating more posts I hope you love.  I will always link to products that I really truly love or that I really truly would love to have.

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    when i wanted to start this blog i called this woman because she knows a thing or two or one million about the blogging world.

    she is so smart, insightful and HONEST.

    she has been one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders.

    I love having inspiring friends.

    Creative friends.

    Successful friends.

    Happy friends.

    Imperfect friends.

    Friends who lead.

    Friends who need you to lead sometimes.

    Friends who know who they are.

    Friends who are trying to figure out who they are.

    Friends who look for the good around them.

    Friends that laugh at the bad.

    Friends who are different from me.

    Friends who are similar to me.

    Am i officially rambling now?  Yes, I am.

    Ashley is quickly becoming a good friend and she embodies so many of these things I love in a friendship.

    today i am over on her blog, little miss momma, talking about one of my favorite and most affordable spring accessories…BRIGHT PINK LIPS!

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    toddler boy style…

    new era hat / h&m shirt / target button up (old but similar here and here)

    if you follow me on insta, you know we are BIG dodgers fan.

    a new era dodger hat is a must in this house. you can’t spit without hitting one here. i have this one and i am pretty sure it goes with everything.

    you must also love lions. mandatory. double points if your name means “lion”, which his does.

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  • what to wear in family photos… peaches and cream

    for my most often asked question, what should we wear in our family photos here is a little color story i have been thinking of. peaches and cream.  everywhere i look there is peach. pretty, soft, simple and great layered with lots of cream accents.

    white top / jcrew shorts / topshop cardigan / herringbone throw / necklace / sandals / teepee image via pinterest

    men’s timex watch / vintage skateboard / vans / striped shirt / gray pants / modern home

    stripe shirt / peach toddler sweatshirt / burlap toms / bone colored khakis / youth ringer tee / gray hoodie / coral native shoes / ikat tunic for girls / ball necklace /

    here are what i think pairs well with peach

    and just in case you didn’t see enough peaches and cream, here are some more ideas to fit every style:

    pair this gingham bowtie  for boys with a khaki suit or cuffed chinos and rolled up sleeves on their oxford

    are you a little bit of a hipster family? pair this colorblock cardigan with a striped tee.

    pair this sweet tulle skirt with a white tee, denim jacket, knee highs and the ballet flats below for a classic look.

    floral flats

    catch her riding on her beach cruiser in this fun peplum top, denim shorts and slide on sneakers around a beach city for a carefree and relaxed portrait.

    have an art lover? let her express herself with this quirky rendering top on top. high top sneaks on the bottom. this is just enough graphic to be interesting, not distracting.

    anthropologie not available online

    club monaco sweater

    similar at anthropologie

    joy folie flats

    crew cuts leggings.

    these would be great under a long slouchy sweater for a casual look or layer a button up with a sweeter and ballet flats. or  try them peeking out of the bottom of a trench coat.

    for a field or rustic shoot i would keep this floral sundress simple with soft leather sandals and put everyone else in khaki and shell colored clothing.



    pretty floral cardigan by boden


    stella mccartney polka dot tulle skirt.

    i would pair this with a simple cardigan (or the one above) and metallic flats to let the ombre polka dots be the star of the outfit.

    convinced you can’t get the older boys in peach? i know my hus wouldn’t go for it. i would layer mine in creams and grays. BUT if the guys in your life are more daring here are some fun pieces to try.


    quiksilver coral chino


    perfect for the beach shots this super casual flannel will help him relax in front of the camera. and it comes in sizes from little boys to mens.





    suede studded flats


    next pull on coral chinos. a great update from just plain blue denim. these would work great for baby and toddlers.

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    for this ruby tuesdays we are talking tulle skirts.

    i am not a huge fan of the fluffy tutu, but what little girl doesn’t like a tutu? the tulle skirt seems to elevate the tutu to a more sophisticated level. for a family who is really not girly- girly- girly these more streamlined skirts work well for us. not too frou frou while still having fun with the tulle trend.

    the tulle skirt is a perfect compromise for us.

    Striped Shirt from zara
    This shirt is a must have in your daughters wardrobe. it can double as tunic with leggings or be tucked into a skirt like ruby is wearing AND its under $15 bucks AND comes in red, blue and pink. look here for other must haves tees i love.
    Tulle skirt from jcrew (old) but similar in link (look below for the best $5 tulle skirt)
    leopard shoes from target
    denim jacket from gap

    poor cracked lips

    last summer i happened upon a rack of $5 tulle skirts from target, not on sale, just 5 bucks for the fun of it.  i immediately  liked the neon yellow.

    put the frilly tees down and pair it with something simple like a denim shirt or stripes or a twist on the classics like a plaid shirt or graphic tee. i love the juxtaposition of frilly and light mixed with something harder or more structured like a collar shirt.

    here ruby is wearing it with this denim vest we made here, plain white tee and target ankle boots.
    and the photo girl in me cannot deny how pretty a tulle skirt is in photographs. the light filters through just right and it can add either an edgy look (like this neon one) or a ethereal look like this skirt below from wunway.