3 Warning Signs to Look For When Hiring Movers

Shopping around for a great moving company is one of the top steps that individuals take when preparing to move. Movers can reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to relocate, and this can drastically reduce your stress level on moving day. If you want to get settled into your new home quickly, professional movers are essential. However, many people have heard bad stories about moving companies, and you may be wondering what you can look for to avoid making a poor hiring decision. If you notice any of these signs with a specific moving company, it is best to steer clear of them.

1. A Poorly Worded Contract or No Contract

An ethical, trustworthy moving company will have a well-worded contract for you to review and sign. This will be a contract that makes promises to you regarding quality of service, punctuality, protecting your belongings from damage, the number of workers who will be on hand to help you and even the size of the moving truck. In addition, a great contract will also talk about fees and may have a firm price quote with no loopholes in the wording that allow for additional fees to be tacked on. Avoid working with a company that does not have a contract or that has ambiguous or confusing wording.

2. Lack of Insurance

One step you should always take when hiring a moving company is to review the company’s insurance. The best companies will be bonded and will have financial protection for you in the event your belongings are damaged. Verify coverage amounts and dates. It may be wise to contact the insurance company directly to ensure that the company’s account is in good standing before you make a hiring decision.

3. Bad Consumer Reviews

It is customary for consumers to read online reviews about companies before making a hiring decision. Bad reviews should be a tell-tale sign that indicate the need to continue to shop around for a moving company. In addition to bad reviews, focus on the potential for some positive reviews to be fake. For example, if a company has an excessive number of positive reviews or if the details in a review seem too good to be true, there is a chance that the company has planted its own positive reviews amid the bad reviews.

Finding the right moving company to assist you with your upcoming relocation is no easy task. Everything from the wording in the contract to the insurance policy and more should be carefully reviewed. While it can take time to find the right company to hire, rest assured that your effort will be well-rewarded on moving day. You can learn more at Hudson Movers, which has additional information and resources available.


i have easter shoes for kids on my mind.

we live by ballet flats and leather sandals. luckily ruby is not quite ready to put her boots away just yet so i still have some time while i have been   spilling over pages of shoes and checking out what is on trend for easter this year.

here is my round up of my favorite Easter inspired shoes in all price ranges…

target gold / crew cuts gold / jessica simpson ankle strap / old navy pink stripe / peacock polka dot / zara blush bow/ zara fringe sandal

and for tweens and teens i am loving the mix of hard and soft. studs and leather mixed with soft pastels and florals…

i hate to be repetitive but zara always seems to get it just right for this in between age. not too old and not too young.

1. tan desert boot  2. slip on vans  3. target green boat shoe  4. gray ankle boots 5. boys green and brown 6. gap color block boat shoe

so tell me, what are putting your kids in this year?


i LOVE reader questions!

before my mom moved close to me in california last year i did many of a road trip with my kids to las vegas to see her.  although it wasn’t a 24 hour drive, i did pick up a few tips to make travelling a lot easier.

1. Coordinate by color scheme. this way you can mix and match all the outfits and it lessens the chance of your child choosing something that looks horrible together.

2. pack in baggies. on my recent trip to mammoth i noticed my girlfriend had packed all her girls’ outfits in baggies. i have done that before and loved it. especially for toddlers it makes getting ready a snap in the morning for whoever is helping her.

3. i have said it a million times on this blog but i will say it again…light LAYERS! use cardigans, button ups and outerwear to add interest and ease in climate control without the bulk of jackets.

i put together an entire packing list for you my dear readers and then realized i had rounded up all the things i have on my essentials list….

as a refresher of all things i think a girl needs here is my list to making getting dressed easy and fun. for more in depth ideas look at my features “we live by”

1. cotton on cardigan $24 2. jcrew denim shirt for boys $34.50 3. colorblock raglan $24 4. tribal finger in the nose tee find similar here and here 5. zara striped shirt (for more on this fave of mine click here). 6. mini rodini bird tank $36 7. gap pink shorts $24.95 8. mini boden chambray short 9. littlefour leggings 10. gap jegging 11. gold salt water sandals  12. jefferson native shoe

here is why i picked these clothes. they can almost all mix and match and layer making infinite possibilities.

i always have my kids travel in their most comfy clothes elevated from pj’s. for ruby that means leggings and a tunic. for my ello it means his cotton Gap shorts and a loose tee.

shoes she can slide on and off herself are essential for road trips so you are not forced to climb in the back to buckle or tie shoes. even if she can’t do them by herself it takes a quick second for you to put them on and rush her to that lovely public bathroom.  i like the natives because they are water resistant which also makes them a great option for sea, lake, resort, amusement park type trips. the saltwater sandals continue to stand the test of time. they are water resistent and comfortable. in this metallic gold they are a little more sophisticated then your average sandal and her feet won’t hurt at the end of a long day like they would in many sandals.

jeggings are a great idea for travel because they  roll up real nice without wrinkling and again they are comfortable for long car rides.

i love packing a tunic like the zara striped one because she can wear them with shorts, tucked in the front or out with leggings or even jeans.

i ALWAYS recommend two pieces for toddlers and babies because it makes potty -time so much easier.

no need to spend a lot on flip flops for the pool. old navy’s $4 flip flops are tried and true. we get them every year. then when your child looses one of them you are not out too much.

i like to use a sundresses as a cover up. hm sells cotton sundresses for only $5 and they come in great patterns.

these hats are harder to pack but can go from brunch at the hotel to the pool and lets be honest are just a lot more stylish then most sun hats out there.

an canvas tote can be rolled up in the suit case and easily filled with a water bottle, sunscreen and a place to store their cover up and sandals while they are swimming. this one is kid-sized.

since you are staying at a resort, no need to pack towels! yay!

tomorrow i will show you how i pack for the car and all the little accessories one needs for spring break! need swimsuit inspiration? check out my pinterest page for some of the cute styles i have found…more to come.

hope this helps Amy!



everyone is getting ready for spring break.

for me that means light, fresh make – up, painted toes and a glowing face.

the drugstores have been offering some great products lately so i decided to peek around to see if they live up to their hype. here are two drugstore makeup and beauty finds that i found for this spring season.

i have fallen madly in love with this product. it is marketed as a primer although that is not what I feel is this product’s strong point.  it is light, seamless and dewy and unlike many highlighters it doesn’t get caught in your creases. instead i love this stuff paired with a light bronzer on the cheekbones. i think its kind of dreamy and perfect for spring break.

i don’t stray far from essie or OPI so i was real happy to find the essie display at my local CVS.  this peachy color is right on trend for this spring and will go with anything. i mean ANYTHING.

i had such a fun time with my oxblood lips in the fall i wanted to find my spring counterpart and have scouring the shelves for the perfect neon pink. i tried the two pictures, but they are just not good enough yet to recommend….but i am still looking. i will keep you posted on my finds.

next week’s beauty review… primers


nobody does layering pieces like crew cuts for boys. flannels, henleys, jackets and collared shirts are always just right on. this year we are loving their crew neck pullover sweatshirts, modern bow ties and cords. the slouchy sweatpants are the perfect pjs for your tween this year, just the right amount of cool.

1 i mean its just so good. /2/3/4/5 perfect for lounging on sunday afternoon or after a day of snowboarding/6/7 one of my top pics for family pictures. the buttons and subtle texture look great in photos/8/9/10 looks like just a flannel but is sherpa lined to make a soft jacket. perfect for southern california nights. /11/12/13/14/15/16 Ello calls these his “zoom” shoes/17