Its that time again for some of my favorite fall etsy finds…the october edition.

1. Swallows Return Top: no words needed here. okay one. perfection.

2. the OHV: this suede skirt.

3. Sanadora In Love: Ruby has this beaded wall art piece hanging in her room but we are completely and totally in the tank obsessed with each and every piece.

4. inbalmishan:  i really want this ring in my stocking this year.

5. Belinda Marshall Art: this wall art on cotton and linen would be so beautiful on any wall but i really love it for a tween’s room.

6. Latitude 59: these copper pencil cups


for our last day of baby week we are talking newborn pictures. what are the essential newborn pictures every mom wants to have but can’t think about on the day of the baby’s birth? here is the run down. get’n wordy today folks.

most moms would say, “the day my child was born was the best day of my life”.

not all moms but many. i realize for some that day is filled with sadness or sorrow as complications arise or hopes are not met so i want to acknowledge that first.

i would like to add  the day AFTER baby’s birth as  one of the “best days of my life”.  the morning AFTER my children are born is so special to me.

i love the feeling of waking up and thinking, “wait, where is that little critter? i need to seem them NOW”.  and “did that really happen? is there a whole new person in my life that i love completely?”  when the nurse brings them into my room,  i examine them all over again. babies change so much after the trauma of the first day (reason #3 for taking pictures the day AFTER baby is born) and i love to see how their cheeks are a little creamier. their clean skin has that smell only babies have that cannot be bottled.

mercilessly i take them out of their blanket cocoon to look at their rolls (or chicken legs in ruby and ello’s case).

the temptation is just too great to not see a naked baby. i have to. i nussle under their chin. i look at their hair in the natural sunlight to see it’s color and predict what it will be.

i am never right.

i practice saying their name to be sure it fits.

and as my sister is constantly making fun of me for, i smell their breath. its the best. i squeeze my flat nose right in between their cubby lips and breathe in their smell. their scent. am i gross? anybody else do this?

i savor this time. me and my new baby, alone in my room. everyone else is gone and will be back soon. its just baby and me. its this moment when i think. where have you been? we have only just met yet i feel like i was missing you, exactly you.  this time is so precious to me . i have to capture it. have to remember it. have to look back and try and breathe it all in again.

they are my most favorite pictures of the whole experience.

i get baby dressed. i take a few shots without a hat on just so i document their  hair and head roundness and circumference.

then i always put the hat back on.

the reason you ask? their head seems fine to you but when you look back at those pictures you are going to see how odd and misshapen their dome is. just use a hat, trust me. you won’t regret it.

i like the regular hat the hospital gives you but i also like the texture of a chunky knit hat against their smooth skin as well.

when you let the family back in the room  get a good picture from above for perspective.

for these shots i stood on the hospital bed, made sure i had a really good grip on the camera and shot straight down. the perspective of them alone in their crib or with siblings leaning over is always something that happens naturally and lends an idea of how tiny the new baby is.



so this is my boy. myes. the man behind the blog name, so to speak. i knew it would take me weeks to write a post about him because my feelings for him are so deep and so complex and so completely overflowing with all the deepness and the complexity of it all.

he has my heart entirely. swallowed up and sometimes crushed in his little (kinda-still-chubby-there-are- remnants-of-a-toddler) hands. however, these hands now smell like a kid that plays on the big kid playground. the playground that smells like metal monkey bars and rubber handballs and sweaty boyhood as opposed to baby waken up from his nap sweaty head type.

this is the boy with the strawberry blonde hair, which he calls “orange”.

the boy that i look forward to reading our latest “big kid book” to night after night, so we can fall in love with characters together.

the boy that when i am dying for a connection to him, dying to tap into that little brain behind that round face, dying to make his world perfect and okay and comfortable and safe and fun, all i need do is sit down next to him with some paper and markers and we melt into a world that is all ours.

the boy that never raises his voice to his baby brother. all the patience he lacks for me is available to his little toe-head shadow, exactly where it should be.

he is a boy full of contradictions and surprises. he rides bikes and motorcycles but hates driving on the freeway he wake boards and skateboards but is paralyzed by walking across the bridge on the park’s play place.  he gets embarrassed to kiss me good-bye at school but is my best snuggler.

i could suck his freckle face off.

the remnants of his lazy eye. his adorable baby teeth that are holding strong as ever.  stubborn, difficult, creative, sweet and defiant,  every last piece of this boy i love. .

he is my myes.

he worked really hard in school to earn this penny board. he had to get one just like his two older cousins (ages 14 and 12). he practices on it everyday after school and then replaces it back in my car in case we go anywhere he would want to ride it.

and then, he worked for these shoes…because like i said he is a shoe guy…like most six year old boys right?



how to add a pocket to a tee…

so ello got a hole in his shirt. i was lucky because it was right on his chest. i decided to cover that baby up with a little leather…but you have to pronounce it leathaaaa…

it was so easy…like took me 10 minutes type easy.

here is the hole.. you know the kind. you have no idea how randomly they got there but yes indeed they ruin the shirt.

Step 1: i took one of his existing pocket tees and measured the size and placement of the pocket.

Step 2: cut out my pocket out of leather and snipped the edges to look like a traditional pocket.

Step 3: hot glued the backside of the leather, slightly inward from the outer edge so i could add stitching later and not have to sew through the glue.

Step 4: turn over the pocket adhere to t-shirt. allow to cool.

I think it looks great just like this but just to add a little something else i then took some embroidery floss and sewed a few x’s through the leather to secure the pocket to the shirt. and we are done!

Don’t think you have to have a hole to add a cool leather pocket to your kiddos clothes. try it just to freshen up an old plain tee.

do you still mend or do you throw the shirt out?



ello and i hung around the house this last week. literally hung. and jumped. and roared. and even flew.

he is grumpy. always. and always hungry. the average breakfast for this boy would be a scrambled eggs, banana and peach yogurt. an hour later he will ask for another banana and yogurt.

i am not sure how he is so little. maybe it is all the jumping and flying around he does. regardless, he remains little. his shorts here are cinched all the way, size 2T.

i haven’t bought gap shorts for boys for a couple of years because they look like they need to be ironed when they are out of the wash and i am just not going to do that. the pockets always get a little wonky.

they had a great selection of colors this spring so i decided to give it another go.

i do however always love their v-necks. so the baby ello got a few of those. thanks friends and family.



this or that this week is all about spring break looks for less…or more. you decide which you like the best.

blue gap shoes / pink native shoes / gap chambray shorts / j crew chambray shorts/ little vida camo jacket/

jcrew denim shirt for boys $34.50 / gold salt water sandals / gap jegging

which would you splurge on and which would you save on?


ahh, boots. can’t live without them right? we sure can’t around here. easy to put on, comfy and pull every outfit together with a snap.  here are some of our favorites this season. whether studded, ankle booties, fringe or even cheetah print (something that can go wrong real quick is done so right with this pair by Sam Edelman). we have all the picks for you in every price range, and even some side by side comparisons.

1. Cole Haan riding boot $84 2. Tommy Hilfiger quilted boot $49 3. Steve Madden lace up boot $69.95 4. Target lace up boot $19.99 5. Sam Edelman cheetah ankle $65 6. Nine West fringe bootie (on sale $35.99) 7. UGG studded boot $139 8. Target stud boot $19.99 9. zara ankle wrap bootie $59.90  10. oxblood ankle boot h&m $24.95  11.Frye buckle boot $138 12. Gap buckle boot $49.90 (on sale right now 35% off)

Want more boots for the little man in your life? check out last week’s post here or for killer combat boots here.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo Cassaundra


there are some really great perks that come with blogging and my favorite, by far, is to connect with other creatives.  I met Megan over at Stay and Co through family and immediately knew she and i were speaking the same language. There is something that just makes sense when you meet a fellow creative and Megan and Kailee are some of the hardest working out there. OH and one more thing… they are local girls. All of their items are sourced in LA which makes me so so happy. Being fellow small business owners in the LA area the Hus and i know it aint’ easy to work in LA. you have to respect the hustle of these girls.

Aside from all of that, their products are RAD and so well made. Soft, gorgeous and they always get their colors juuuust right.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the army green blanket for some friends who are expecting. From razor back dresses to drop crouch shorts I am loving their new line!

here are my top picks…

What do you think?