hello. i am super excited to share this hair post today! i know how you love hair style ideas for your little girls and i have been dying to show a few of our new favorites. here is our easter hair post i did with some of ruby’s dear friends and this year the girls all came back with their mama to try out some new styles for this easter.

oh and did you notice her new bangs? she got bangs and they are everything.

at least once a week ruby will ask me if i have figured out how to fishtail braid yet. nope. haven’t but this is so cute i wish i would! after brittney created the fishtail she used her fingers and the comb to mess up the look just a stitch more, giving it more texture and interest.

i have been dying to make ruby a real flower headband but it just hasn’t happened yet. we found this one at nordstrom and it works great. we have also seen fabulous flower headbands at Tilly’s.



this ruby tuesdays is an easter/ holiday / wedding hair tutorial: twisted crown / ballerina bun for little girls.

this year i wanted to do something special for ruby’s hair for easter. generally  the little missy girl is the focal point of any family outfitting concept i may have. this easter she is taking a back seat to her brothers that got matching easter suits (more to come on those gems this week). since my entire “easter dress budget” was spent on the boys i had little left for my little love.

her easter outfit consists of this h&m lace top $17.99, she already owned and this target pleated skirt$14.99 and her old zara ankle cowboy boots, featured here.

as you know from this hair tutorial, i am lacking in hair doing skills. again i called my dear friend brittney over for support and she came up with this simple, pretty, feminine style.

i love that this will look cuter and cuter as the day goes on. i love the idea of whispy pieces hanging out and the looseness of the twist.

we felt inspired by the popular period pieces (insert downton abbey and game of thrones) we have been watching on tv and are thinking sticking flowers in this look would just be amazing.

okay lets get started…

this is britney’s girl H. she has fine hair about to her shoulders. britney had just taken it out of two tight buns on top of her head so it happens to be wavy here. note, waviness is not needed for this look.

1. Part hair at desired part. Take a section that is about 1 inch by 3 inches.

2. Split into 2 even sections and then cross the piece closest to her face over back piece. No twisting needed.

3. Grab about a half inch section of hair from the hair line and add it to the current front piece (used to be back peice) and cross over back peice.

4. Continue adding hair to whichever section is closest to hair line and crossing over back piece past the ear.

5. Continue around the back of head, allowing more space from hair line and keeping the hair tight. Across the back of head the twist should sit just below the occipital bone.

6. When you reach the mid point in the back, twist the two sections aroud each other. (noting that you still do not need to twist before twisting.. sounds confusing but basically just keep it very simple)

7. Then secure with a rubber band close to the scalp temporarily.

8. Repeat the process starting on the other side.

9. When you get to the mid point in back twist the section as you did on the other side (#6).Then cross with the other side while twisting to keep it tight.

10. Secure with rubber band. (clear is preferable) this is a cute stopping point for a less formal day.

11. use traditional twist technique. Two sections of hair, twist both the same direction, then wrap them around one another in the opposite direction.

12. Then wrap this into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

here is ruby. her hair is pretty thick and hangs down to her waist. notice how we finish this differently then the bun. the hair wraps all the way around like a crown.

The technique for this one is very similar. You still start with two sections the same size, beginning at the part and adding hair in the same manner.

Because Ruby has so much hair and it is so long, she is a great candidate to continue the twist all the way around the head and back across the top to create a halo or crown effect. In order to have the twist look right when you get to the end where you are not adding hair, you must use the technique described in #11 the whole time.

from the beginning, twist both sections to the right and then cross them to the left. Add hair and twist to the right, and cross to the left and repeat all the way around head, through the end of the twist and secure with rubber band.

Wrap the end across top of head and hide ends using bobby pins.

If sections across the back seem loose or heavy, you can secure them by lifting them a bit and securing them with bobby pin.

If the tail of your twist isn’t as thick as this one pictured and it looks too thin, you can pull at it, lossening the hair after it has been secured so that the width of it looks even across the top of the head.

left dress here / center top here/ j crew necklace (old), similar here / right dress here


in a pinch for a cute hair accessory? run to your local mall, you might be surprised!


although i love a ballet flat it is nice to switch it up sometimes and  slippers are just the way to do it. also known as “smoking slippers” in the adult world the kids’ version can be found under a few  G-Rated names like “slippers” or “loafers” but most commonly are found under “flats”. which is so nondescript it leaves you combing through lots of really boring shoes to find the few hidden gems. no worries i have done the digging for you and found some great options to our loafer, slipper, flats conundrum. Doesn’t matter what you call it these shoes are great to add a little edge to your girl’s outfit and with all this 90′s revival business who doesn’t want a little edge?

1. blue loafer $69 2. round stud $63 3. ugg suede slipper $60 4. furry black slipper $52.99  5. cheetah slipper $69 6. zara red loafer $35.90  7. white tassel loafers on sale $46.99 / 8. zara cheetah loafer $49.90 / 9. fox slipper $16.94 10. black stud slipper $37.99

dont forget to check back on wednesday for our a great giveaway you are not going to want to miss. hope you make the cut;)