my guys got their fancy pants on for easter. this year i knew i wanted a very traditional look for the boys. they wear so much rough and tough looking clothing that i wanted to just see the sweet, soft side of them.

the suits are perfect for spring and summer. weddings. father’s day. mother’s day.

my guys, they are best friends.

myes takes care of ello.

he tells him stories that melt my heart about adventures they go on and how they always come out the heroes.

if i was playing God seven years ago i would have created a different birth order for me. two boys and then a girl at the end. that seemed very perfect then. but i didn’t play God and  instead my little guys were interrupted by the sweetness and craziness of their sister.  maybe that disruption makes it easier for the boys to get along…

there is no competition, yet.

there is no fighting between them, yet.

instead ello thinks myes is the coolest and in return myes thinks ello is the sweetest.

several times a day ello will look up at me and say, “mom, where’s my myes?” sigh.

you can read more about myes here.

this little stinker wouldn’t crack those lips for anything. behind that little smirk is the cutest gap where his front teeth once lived. apparently it is not as endearing to him as it is to me.

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