my girlie turned five recently. i wanted to talk to her about her life so i started with this birthday interview. i want to put her voice in a little time capsule. i want to remember her sounds. i want to remember how darling she says “gulls” for “girls”.  last year i filmed her saying “titty tat” for “kitty cat” one hundred times and love to show it to her.

with iPhones it makes it just so easy to flip open your phone and film. i try to film each of my kids at least a couple times a month.  i tell myself i will be so happy about this one day. i tell myself i won’t be totally overwhelmed by digital video in addition to the over 100,000 pictures i have of my kids just sitting on my computers and hard drives. yes, i am that mom. So i read this interview to my baby girl and recorded her on my phone.

it was cruel sick twist of fate that my sweet girl ended up with an ‘R’ name when she can’t say her r’s. the shameless mom in me secretly loves it and takes every opportunity to exploit her speech on film.

so here is my little time capsule. this film is not perfect, it was my first stab at iMovie, but i am so so happy i did it! i will love it forever. her hand movements, her silliness and of course her answers. wish i would have started younger.

hopefully this will inspire you to start younger then i did and really capture their speech developing. no matter what your film looks like. its fine. you will be happy you did it. don’t worry about the format. don’t worry about fading in and out. don’t worry about fancy fonts. just do it. just pick up your phone and film.

can’t wait to do this with baby ello in july.

below is the interview i used.