our battle with ruby’s super sensitive skin continues. after returning home from lake powell she was left with dry patches and chaffing on her face. we did not do enough to prevent the chaffing or wind chapped skin caused by riding in the boat and wearing a life jacket that can often rub on the chin and armpits, which literally happened on the first day. once the skin is wind chapped it is hard to heal so now that her skin was damaged we needed to focus on healing the skin.  even aquaphor stung her chapped cheeks. the key with her sensitive skin is to apply aquaphor each night  (and day if protected heavily by sunscreen, otherwise i apply the ointment and keep her inside until it really absorbs) in order to hydrate and prepare for the exposure of the following day.

once the skin has been chapped it is hard to apply anything. she literally was being chemically burned by sunscreens on her raw skin so we used plan B. hat, indoors and mineral SPF when she went out, were the only solution.

do you see this poor chin?  we used our three best finds to fix the damaged skin and within four days, it was healed without the burning.