Airport Limo Service Reaching New Heights in Luxury

The traditional image of a luxurious stretch limo pulling up to the curb at a hotel or in a departure lane speaks of success and glamour. Stretch limo service for airport transportation has been a perk for celebrities and VIP’s for a very long time. But now, options new and and in some ways more exciting are available, and you don’t need to be a rock star or a captain of industry to afford them.

Limo companies now offer options like chauffeured executive sedans and VIP van service in addition to traditional stretch limos.

The Executive Sedan:

Executive sedan service uses luxury cars of ordinary length. At the airport, you are met by a smartly-attired, professional driver who can assist you with your luggage, if desired. He or she guides you to a clean and comfortable newer sedan or SUV that provides almost every comfort of a stretch limo, but in a more-manageable and less-ostentatious size. You’re whisked away to your destination in ease and efficiency – all at a reasonable cost.

Many prominent people have long chosen executive sedan service over stretch limos. The ride comfort and service are almost identical, though the image of an ordinary luxury sedan or SUV doesn’t attract unwanted attention from fans or potential critics. There’s no waiting for a ride, and you’ll often find the cost of an executive sedan is usually not much more than a cab ride over the same distance – if purchased in advance.

VIP Vans:

Lately, executive VIP vans have gained more attention as airport transportation solutions. One complaint about traditional limo service concerns the ease of entering and exiting a stretch limo. Another annoyance: luggage space is often restricted. Those low, rakish rooflines look impressive from the outside, but getting in and out of a low stretch limo can be awkward, and in some cases, even embarrassing.

Executive VIP vans are luxuriously-outfitted, upright vehicles with enough headroom to allow passengers to walk on board while standing at full height. Most VIP vans are appointed with opulent features like flat-screen TV’s, stereos with audio connections for your smartphone, WiFi internet hotspots, leather seating, and even luxury flooring. Some VIP vans even feature bars stocked with beverages and snacks. The VIP van has more than enough space for all your luggage. The ride is comfortable, quiet, and secure. A VIP van is often a great solution for airport transportation Especially if you’re traveling with friends, associates, or family.

Two Stylish Alternatives:

These are two of the new options in airport transportation today. Both executive sedans and VIP vans offer wonderful choices beyond the traditional, elegant, attention-grabbing stretch limo. Both can get you to and from the airport in comfort, grace, and style. There are additional resources available at Yorkville Limousine.