7 Shocking Facts You Don’t Know About Local Locksmith History

Locksmithing is a pretty old practice that has been around for generations. And the modern age has seen to it that this art evolves and turn to be more sophisticated than ever before. The services being delivered at Lock-up Services Inc. are among the most modern in Canada. You need to be very skilled in practicing the Locksmith art and also very dependable. Here are some facts about these professionals.

  1. Apprenticeship is customary

However, much knowledge you must have gathered while in college or on-the-job training, it is customary to go through an apprenticeship to be a locksmith. Or so they say. There are ethical reasons that loom this custom. During this time, your mentor will study you and screen you for trustworthiness and honesty to ensure that you don’t become a threat to their profession. It seems like a good idea since you will practically be able to open any locked door after the training sessions.

  1. The first earnest attempt into the profession began in 1778

It is believed that the oldest date lock dated back almost 4000 years ago in Nineveh in the ruins of the Khorsabad Palace. The first endeavor in this profession was, however, only noticed in 1799 by Robert Barron. Other patents also included the ‘unpickable’ safety lock by Joseph Bramah in 1784 and a time-lock-mechanism patented by Sargent in 1873.

  1. Bromley locksmiths don’t want competition

In as much as many locksmiths would want to engage in some competition with their peers, the ones in Bromley want to keep it simple. The main reason for this kind of behavior is usually when one becomes an overly panicked sufferer.

  1. A ‘lock-picking championship’ event takes place annually

Organized by an organization called The Open Organization Of Lockpickers, this championship is most commonly known as the Dutch Open and only began in 2008. The competition receives participants from all corners of the world. The championship is held during the LockCon conference with a lot of pomp and show. The participants of the contest are required to open locks without breaking or even using keys on them.

  1. Harry Houdini, the magician, was once a locksmith

Popularly known as “Harry Handcuff Houdini.” He was once a professional locksmith where he worked to earn his famous stage name. He was known for his incredible stunts and illusions which involved escaping acts. He came out successful in all of his acts of picking all kinds of locks during his performances.

  1. A locksmith called Francois Gamain is known for betraying Louis XVI

King Louis XVI’s children died by the blade of the guillotine, and it is believed that Francois Gamain, a locksmith, was the mastermind behind the betrayal.

  1. To be a locksmith in Orpington, you also have to be a carpenter, mechanic, engineer, security expert, all at the same time.

Yes! Insane right? You must have the combined knowledge and skill set in all the skills mentioned above. You must be a master at accessing, repairing, and re-keying all security locks whenever needed. You need to be a master, like a “locksmith god” who can perform any and all tasks lock-related.

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