7 Questions Answered About Furnished Apartments

People who intend to move always question their decisions when it comes to purchasing or renting furnished apartments as opposed to buying apartments that they would have to furnish by themselves. This is because they do not have a proper understanding of the advantages or disadvantages that would come with this decision. It would be nice to know all that you need to know about furnished apartments before making the decision to rent or buy. From the general concerns that people have, we managed to answer 7 questions about furnished apartments Vancouver.

1. What about the price?

It is obvious that you will have to pay more for a furnished apartment as compared to an empty one. This is supposed to cover the cost of furniture. Please note however that the amount that you pay for a furnished apartment should not be more than 10 percent above the price of a similar apartment in the area that is not furnished.

2. What furniture should be there?

This should be the most important question you ask yourself when making the purchase. People want to know exactly what kind of furniture they should find in a furnished apartment. The living room is supposed to have a coffee table, a couch set and a well fitted wall unit. The bedroom should have a queen sized bed, a closet and some lamp stands.

3. Maintenance crew

It’s been a general concern for most people looking to buy furnished apartments. They need to know if there will be a maintenance crew. This will largely depend on the apartments you choose. Some have maintenance crews and others don’t.

4. Television

A television is something that you should and will always find when you purchase a furnished apartment. The home owner should always offer a television. If it is not there then make sure you ask for it.

5. The kitchen

There are not so many factors that dictate how a kitchen in a furnished apartment should be. However, ensure that there is an oven, a stove as well as a fridge. These have to be there. A water dispenser and some clothes are definitely a plus. The sink and faucets should be functioning perfectly too.

6. What about security?

As much as you have bought the apartment and paid for the furniture, the security fee is usually paid separately. It is a given though that there will be enough security provided by the management.

7. Are there any hidden fees?

This is a concern most buyers had or have before buying furnished apartments. This is more about the management and the owner of these apartments. You would have to do your research properly and inquire with management before making a purchase.



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