6 Stylish Ideas On How To Rock Wooden Watches

6 Stylish Ideas On How To Rock Wooden Watches

You have just acquired a wooden watch, now is the time to rock and roll with it. But how will you do it so that it can finally reflect your style and fashion? Here are some of the cool ways you can wear your wooden watches and ways you can also match with your outfits.

  1. Wooden watch for outdoor

If u are a person with an active lifestyle, the wooden watch is a way to go. Whether is a hike in the woods, playing baseball, football and most of the outdoor activity? The wooden watches goes great with any athletic attire or active performance gear. Depending on the type of the outdoor activity you are going to undertake, and the attire, you can choose the most fitting wooden watch.


  1. You love t-shirts

For the t-shirt lovers, a white t-shirt with a V-neck or crew neck is the way to go. It will make you look cool and spicing up your appealing and natural outfit, at the same time looking stylish and subtle. To add more style to your outlook, wearing stone washed jeans will do you good.

  1. At the workplace

Wooden watches are not too loud to give an inappropriate look. They can then match those individuals who love a self-expressive and somewhat edgy lifestyle. This means you can put on your wooden watch with your business casual outfit when in the office or doing your daily businesses.

  1. Suit it Up

You are the guy who loves official wear, that is the suit and tie. The wooden watch will definitely make you appear cool. You can picture this; a nice fitting black suit, black wingtip shoes, a black belt a white shirt then, on top of it a wooden watch. When the wooden watch has a cool design, it will make you stand out.

  1. Button shirt

The extra pop the wooden watch gives due their thick band make it cool with it a button shirt. To make it more stylish and conspicuous, you have to roll up the sleeves of your jeans shirt or colorful shirt and head to school, bar or party with an aura of confidence.

  1. Wristband

It is also cool to wear a wristband with your wooden watch. You just have to make sure that the fashionable wristband or the fuel band doesn’t obscure your wooden watch and they complement well.

Wooden watches are cool ways when you want to spice up your outfit. They match with most of our outfit and can fit different occasions. They are also found with different design and make to suit your taste and purpose.


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