5 Creative Uses of Custom Wood Boxes

Most boxes these days are made of plastic, the reason why custom wood boxes are so special. They are versatile and stylish, unlike anything made out of plastic. Besides being functional, wood boxes can also be put to various creative uses around the house.

We all have used wood boxes for storage and organization, but have you ever considered a nightstand out of a few wood boxes? Or a kitchen shelf? Yes, wood boxes being natural and recyclable, can lead to various creative projects around the house. Even if you are not a DIY expert, these projects are easy enough for anyone to accomplish.

Mark these 5 creative projects with wood boxes, and get started whenever you have a custom wood box at hand.

1. Bookshelf

When we think of bookshelf, our minds usually conjure up images from IKEA. But why should you spend money on an expensive bookshelf, when you have wood boxes lying around at home?

With a little bit of creativity, you can turn a few wood boxes into a pretty bookshelf. Join four or five medium-sized wood boxes together, hammered in place with nails, and paint them a nice shade of color to create an inexpensive bookshelf that grabs attention while holding your previous books.

Image via Pexels

2. Nightstand

The bedside is incomplete without a nightstand, right? If you’re shying away from getting one because the nightstand you want is too expensive, consider building one yourself. Just joining two wood boxes can create a nightstand with open storage. You can paint the boxes in a shade to complement the color of the room or to match the upholstery. Use the open storage space to decorate with pictures, or store books and knickknacks.

Image via Pixabay

3. Desk

This is one of the most creative projects you can make out of a few wood boxes. All you need is four wood boxes and a large plank of wood. Join four boxes to make two, place them a couple of feet apart and put the wood plank on top.

The desk can be assembled and disassembled anytime, can be decorated and painted, and use for all kinds of purposes, from writing to ironing clothes. The open storage provided by the boxes acts like drawers, giving you plenty of room to hold essentials.

Image via Pexels

4. Flower planters

Don’t have places to plant flowers? Just paint the custom wood boxes and use them as planters. They are spacious, practical, and the natural material of wood help in better growth of the flowers.

Image via Pixabay

5. Storage seats

It is easy to brighten up your kid’s rooms with storage seats made out of wood boxes. All you have to do is put a removable seat cushion on top to create storage seats for the kids’ rooms.

The seats can be used for seating as well as storage. You can also paint the boxes in bright colors to complement the color of the room, and get matching cushions. Without spending a ton of money on buying furniture, you can simply use custom wood boxes to come up with creative, decorative, and practical pieces.

Image via Pixabay

Do not throw away wood boxes. Call us if you are looking for custom wood boxes. Creatively invent in these simple, practical, and beautiful pieces for the house.

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