4 Crucial Driveway Alarm Features Buyers Should Focus On

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, for a long time now, you have been focusing more on ensuring protection inside your house. At least the notion counts for a good number of you. Securing your driveway is another crucial matter you need to look into as well if you want to ensure that you protect all your property from intrusion. With the emergence of advanced technology, you can now install a wireless driveway alarm in your driveways. This may have been a difficult feat to achieve in the past, but you can now find good driveway alarms in almost any retail shop that sells alarms. You need not worry yourself about the price, especially when you can afford it. You do know that cheap is expensive right? So if you can manage to get your driveway the best alarm for a hefty price, you will come to realize that it is worth it. Let’s discuss with you some of the features you need to focus on before you go ahead to purchase a wireless driveway alarm.

  1. The driveway motion sensor’s range

For most out-door wireless driveway alarms, you will have to bury the alarm sensor underground. What happens is that the sensor covers a circular area around it. The range covered is measured in radius. It is vital for you to strategically place your sensor in an area that it will be able to detect any movement within its radius. You need to make sure that your placement is perfect, since the areas around the edges of the radius will have weak signals and may probably not detect very slight movements. For driveways, you can place your wireless driveway sensors beside the road and in a parallel manner.

  1. The range of the driveway alarm

The range of the wireless driveway alarm can perhaps be the most important thing you need to be keen on when you want to make a purchase. Many people have different sized driveways. It is essential that you pick the best driveway alarm for your driveway. You can make your purchase depending on the size of your driveway and front lawn. You need to get an alarm with a range of no less than between 300 to 400ft. It is best to make sure that your driveway is in the strongest single range rather than the weakest edges.

  1. Know the technology

There are two types of driveway alarms, the wireless driveway alarm, and the hardwired driveway alarm. Before you go ahead to get your driveway alarm, you need to be well informed as different driveway alarms also come with different technologies. You need to get the driveway alarm that you feel will best serve you and your needs. The wireless alarm seems to be highly recommended as a drive alert equipment.

  1. Alarming feature on the driveway alert

The main reason you want to have a driveway alarm is for it to alarm you of and trespassing and intrusions on your property. Different driveway alarms have different ways that they can alarm you. You need to be aware of the alarming feature you need for the driveway alarm you want to install. Driveway alarms that come with alarming sounds also alarm the intruders who are always compelled to flee from the scene.

You know that driveway alarms are a necessity and more people are installing them in their driveways. Before you do this, you need to ensure you pick the best driveway alarm for your driveway by taking note of these points.

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