4 benefits of using driveway alarm

Your home is the most important place in your life. It is the safe haven where you run to when the world is unbearable. It is also the place where the people who matter most in your life; your family lives. It should, therefore, be secure from intrusion. One of the best ways to secure your home is by installing a driveway alarm system. Here are four benefits you will enjoy from installing driveway system.

Guard Dog

1. Stop unwanted visitors

We all hate having to open doors to solicitors who are always trying to force us to buy magazines, religious booklets, salon products or something of the sort. With a driveway alarm system especially one with a driveway motion sensor, you can detect them when they approach and take the appropriate action. If it is that annoying neighbor, who is always complaining you can call the cops on them and bar them from trespassing. In the same breath, it also helps safeguard your visitors from your guard dog.


2. Ensure child and pet safety

It is not news that children have been snatched from their front lawns. Your kids can also stray away in pursuit of a runaway toy and run into an accident. With a doorway alarm, it can alert you when your kid or pet approaches the driveway hence helping you save their lives. Our kids are important to our lives, and if we cannot keep them safe, then we have no business being parents.

Peace of mind

3. Peace of mind

The peace that comes with knowing that your home is secure, knowing that any motion around your driveway will be detected and a drive alert will be sent to your smartphone. If an intruder ignores the alarm, alarm response team will respond to the alert within minutes. You can rest assured that your home is secure from any harm and wrongdoers.


4. Easy installation

Driveway alarm systems are often small in size, and their installation process is easy. The small size is perfect to provide some form of camouflage to unsuspecting intruders. The wireless alarm transmission capability eliminates the need for wires and cables hence no one can know where the alarm is or there is even an alarm installed. The alarm is more effective when no one knows where it is installed; otherwise, burglars can use gadgets that hamper its functionality thereby rendering it irrelevant.


Driveway motion sensor and alarm from Absolute Automation is important to your home. It provides you home with unmatched security. You and your family can enjoy a good night sleep knowing that if anything happens outside you will be notified. It also helps to keep your kids safe, and there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of your future generations.

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