12 Cycling Accessories You Must Have This Year

It doesn’t matter what you use your bike for, or how many times and how long you use it, what everyone aims to achieve with their city bikes is a better riding experience. Most people only know of the basic bike accessories like head-gears, but they have no clue of the other many bike accessories that are lesser-known and can improve your bike experience further. Below is a list of 12 bike accessories you will find interesting to include on your shopping list before you go riding.

  1. A headlight

As a bike rider, you need to be ready for any situation that you can end up in with your bike. And that includes adding headlights to your bike just in case you end up riding at night. The headlight will help improve your ability to see what is in front of you at night and also make you more visible to other road users.

  1. A phone mount

Mounting a phone to your bike can come in handy especially when you’re on new terrain and don’t know your way around. You can use your mounted phone to guide you as you cycle using the map features.

  1. A bell

A bike bell is a must-have accessory for your bike. Bells help you to alert other road users of your presence and are far better than shouting out at road users every time you want them to pave the way for you to pass.

  1. Cycling gloves that you can use as turn signals

These cycling gloves can always help other road users, especially vehicles behind you of your next turn. They can come in handy sometimes.

  1. A messenger bag

If you’re looking to buy a biking bag, then you may want to have a look at the messenger bag. They can come in handy sometimes and do not interfere with your pedaling.

  1. A bike trailer

If you’re among the many cyclists who use their bikes as a primary mode of transportation, then it would be wise to invest in a bike trailer. With this bike accessory, your trip to the grocery store is bound to be a lot easier and more comfortable.

  1. A bike-carrying handle

You may have to navigate a couple of stairs during your ride every day. Then this is the best accessory for you. This bike strap will make work easier for you as you climb up or go down the stairs.

  1. A beer caddy

A beer caddy can be a fun tool to have along on your weekend rides in and around the park.

  1. A wine rack

If you prefer wine to beer, then you can go for this bike accessory.

  1. All-in-one bike tool

With an all-purpose maintenance tool like this, you can easily loosen, tighten, adjust, or remove almost any part of your bike if you have to.

  1. Decorative lights

Decorative lights for your bike will make you the center of attention if that is what you’re looking for.

  1. An app that will track your progress

You can go for this app to track your speed, distance, exerted energy, and even time you use on your bike. This way, you know what you need to do to reach your next goal.

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